Mt Whitney FOR FUN!!!! Lone Pine Lake, Alabama Hills, Mansanar, Fossil Falls

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Whitney portal

1 · Lone Pine , CA

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Group Campground at Whtiney Portal

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This event is "The mellow version" of Mt Whitney.

Whitney portal is a stunning and beautiful place. Sadly many do not appreciate it as they merely use it as a drop spot before going up towards summit.

What's great about Whitney Portal is you go from 3700 ft elevation of Lone Pine to 8300 of Whintey Portal with very little winding roads. So you have alpine delight with little road time.

There is the rushing snowmelt river/creek.
The tall shady pines.
Cute campground with moderate and difficult day hikes.
Right below at the base of the hill is The Alabama Hills. With Mansanar just to the north and Fossil Falls to the south.

The Plan:
Arrive Friday June 21 in the evening. Get there when you can. No set arrival time. The earliseist we can be in the campiste is 2PM. I am putting 7 as most will arrive between 7PM and midnight.
Sat June 22 : Hike Whitney Trail up to Lone Pine Lake.
Sun: 20 min drive to Alabama Hills and spend the day there. Do Mansanar too
Monday: Depart and go to Fossil Falls on the way home.

Alternate Plan

Sat: Spend day in Alabama hills and Mansanar
Sun: Day Hike to Lone Pine Lake
Monday: Depart

Of course on both options you can depart on Sunday after either Alabama Hills or Lone Pine Lake Hike.

The site is booked for Sunday Night too so you can get an extra day out is the stunning nature.

This is intended as Whitney for everybody trip.

No matter who you are, . .you can come. We will go slow and easy. Nobody is left behind. This is for fun and community. Not for bragging rights.
Kids are OK. But super young is not ideal. Dogs are fine too.
You do not need a permit to make it up to Lone Pine Lake.

Whitney is a place that is on everybody's bucket list. We are going on this one not to Summit, . . but for fun.

Hence the title: Whitney for Fun!!

Add in Alabama Hills and add in Mansaar and Fossil Falls, . . . this is a getaway.

Whitney: The tallest location in the Continental US. Our campsite will be at about 8,400 feet. Whitney is over 14,000 (we are not going up that for this meetup).

Alabama Hills once you see this place you will never camp at Joshua Tree again. AND every movie you can imagine filmed there. Tremors, Django, Ganga Din. Lone Ranger, Galaxy Quest, And on and on. or or

Mansanar: One of the internment camps.

Fossil Falls is the former drainage of the Owens Lake. It slinked out thru a recent Lava Flow. . . . and the falls sculpted and carved the area. The river course changed and now you have a Waterfall that is frozen in time or Fossil Falls

I have some tents to loan (but you will share). If you have extra bring those to loan out. This trip is meant for beginners.

I will be having the site for 3 nights.

Cost is modest 85 per person for up to three nights camping.

Refunds given for cancel up to 2 weeks in advance. Less than 2 weeks a replacement from the wait-list be funds transferred to grant refund.