FREE Pirate Invasion & Mermaid Festival Shoreline aquatic Park

! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !
! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !
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ShoreLine Aquatic Park

200 Aquarium Way · Long Beach, CA

How to find us

This is a large event over a wide time span. Some people make up there earlier. When you arrive check the board if you don't see anything find a location and post where it is what time and how the recognize you. Other hosts will post as arrive.

Location image of event venue


This event is postponed by Long Beach to June 2021

This event is NOT announced on our group yet.

In some cases this is ready to announce. And it will be announced about one(1) month before the event date with finalized details.

It is still in progress of being "written up." And in others it is in need of something like an Event Host.

You are encouraged to RSVP now and you will get sure to get updates.
If you would like to host this event as the primary or as an additional Event Host . . . please message Mac and say you would like to Host.
It's like a Renaissance fair on the beach so come and enjoy!!

Better price of admission though.

Avast me Hearties..! be comin’ to Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier,

(the map says 2014 but this way you have a lay of the land. After all . .a good pirate needs a map! A bad pirate has one that's out of date)

100's of Pirates, wenches, scallywags, buccaneers, and mermaids.

Tharrr be music, song, dance, floggings, live theatre, grog, the Booty Lounge, and much more to entertain ya.

Shop for treasures at the pirate market, well stocked with booty from the 7 Seas.

Twice a day you be seeing the cannon battles as the pier will be attacked by local marauders, and pirates clashing with sword and pistol fighting over treasure and wenches.

Visit the pirate village with hundreds of costumed scallywags and wenches.

* 25 new moorings now available for the Pirate Fleet.

* Pirate Fleet

* Boat moorings

* Booty Lounge (on the beach)

* Pirate Bar

* Mermaids

* Belly Dancers

* Captain Jack Sparrow

* Captain Morgan and MAGIC DRAGON

* Pirate encampments

* Wench Floggings

* More wench floggings

* Celebrity Pirates

* Pirate Hoosegow for naughty wenches

* Vessel Valentino

* More Mermaids

* Cannon fire

* Scallywags and Scallywenches

* Black Powder Presentations

* Sword Fights & Pirate Battles

* Parade of Pirates

* Pirate Ship Attacks Pier

* Pirate Costume Contest

* Fire Dancers

* Authentic Pirate Encampments

*Food, Grog and Rum on Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier

* Family, kid friendly event..

Admission: FREE - Food, Beverage and Merchandise for sale. Be tharrrr...!