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Liverpool is about to become one of the most connected cites in the World. IX Liverpool is one of the reasons why.

IX Liverpool (aka the Liverpool Internet Exchange) is a local internet exchange point located within the cultural city of Liverpool within the United Kingdom. We are a collaborative, co-operative and mutual organisation, founded as a not-for-profit company and funded by our members and voluntary contributions from our local community.

We have an open joining policy for members and welcome competitive networks large and small to join and enjoy not only the local connectivity options at the exchange but to make use of the business networking opportunities, the range of public talks we put on throughout the year and the various peering workshops for members that we organise.

Thanks to the time and sheer dedication from our community, we’ve had some good successes so far: we’ve built the worlds first internet exchange in a shipping container, we’ve launched a city wide LoRaWAN (open and free internet of things network) around Liverpool and we’ve built the UK’s largest city wide community computing project (http://www.liverpoolcommunitygrid.org/) that helps scientists around the world solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability; by simply recycling the regions old computers and putting them to better use.

Today we’re busy building the Internet within the Liverpool City Region, making it faster, higher quality and more cost-effective and a help our local economy as we demonstrate how open Liverpool is to the Digital world.

Find out how joining (https://www.ixliverpool.net/join/) an Internet exchange and peering can make your service faster, more resilient and more cost-effective.

About Internet Exchanges

Local Internet exchanges help organisations and communities by improving quality, reliability and latency, and reducing dependency on other locations like London whilst allowing local users to handle traffic at a local level, giving many technological, economic and sociological benefits to society.

In the early internet years, London (https://www.linx.net/), Amsterdam (https://ams-ix.net/) and Frankfurt (https://www.de-cix.net/) became some of the biggest exchanges in the world, and it is no coincidence that these cities enjoy some of the cheapest and most reliable internet connectivity available. Many of the most interesting services on the internet are “glued” to those cities.

In the years that followed, cites like Prague (http://www.nix.cz/en), Dublin (https://www.inex.ie/) and Warsaw (http://www.plix.pl/en) built successful internet exchanges that were a catalyst for the development of the internet communities in those regions, we are working to put Liverpool on this list also.

Read more on Internet Exchanges at :https://www.ixliverpool.net/about-internet-exchanges/

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