IX Liverpool First Meetup: "From Time to Crime"


Using distributed sensor networks to catch the glitches.

Speaker: Christian Farrow, Chronos Technology Ltd.

(Free beer and pizza courtesy Telecoms Cloud Ltd.)

Telecom Networks have used GPS-based time & frequency sources to control & regulate traffic flow since the mid 1990s. Test equipment to measure the quality of this synchronisation was traditionally expensive, bulky and complex. Taking advantage of advances in oscillator & semiconductor technology, 2G/3G comms, the Internet, Linux & open-source software, Chronos Technology developed a remote, distributed network of telecom network synchronisation sensors.

Through further partnerships with industry and academia, funded by research grants from UK government, the basis of this system has been expanded to detect & locate sources of GPS interference, whether intentional or accidental, and has lead to interactions with critical national infrastructure providers, law enforcement and defence agencies around the world.

The increased reliance on GPS signals for timing that now covers Financial, Power Distribution and many more civilian/consumer applications means that being able to detect when GPS can’t be relied upon is a key requirement to ensure reliable operation of the modern connected world.