Internet Privacy: "How Countries Censor the Internet and Activists Fight Back"


Join us at 6.00 PM for beer & pizza, followed at 6.30 PM by a talk by Paul Furley.

Thank you to Richard Spragg at AIMES for sponsoring this event (and the food & drink!).

Here is what Paul has to say about his talk:

"I started out studying Digital Electronics. I've been working as a developer for about seven years, mostly in small teams doing new stuff like startups, alphas and new products. I currently work part time for Co-op digital and a privacy & security agency called IF -

I've been using exclusively GNU/Linux since 2001, I dabble in a bit of crypto, run a Tor node, and support the Internet Freedom movement. I'm particularly interested in making powerful technology like crypto useable and seamless for ordinary people.

In this talk, I'll be reporting on some of the highlights of the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, which is where I'm writing this from :)"


This meet-up will be preceeded by a optional tour of the AIMES Data Centre starting at 5.30 PM, and followed by the IXLiverpool Board Meeting at 7 PM (you are very welcome to stay for that as well, and learn a little more about some of the exciting things we have planned!)

Remember, ALL of IXLiverpool’s events are free to attend; all that we ask is that you enjoy them!