What we're about

Would you like to develop skills and confidence to promote yourself better?

Would you like to have a supportive tribe of like-minded women to support you and celebrate your successes and achievements together?

Are you a mum, artist, business owner, freelancer or professional, seeking to progress in your professional or personal life, but you feel overwhelmed and stuck at times,and you would like to receive a positive kick of motivation to make impactfull changes?

Would you like to see your workplace/ entrepreneurial world more diverse and inclusive?

If you answer is YES, to only one of this questions, then
Join us!
and be a part of global community of people who are passionate about helping women and underrepresented groups promote themselves effectively.

#IamRemarkable is Google's initiative helping women and underrepresented groups to to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond.

I will run series of workshops and interactive sessions, where you will discover the art of self promotion, you will participate in group discussions and exercises to develop the confidence and skills to promote yourself effectively, thereby breaking modesty norms and glass ceilings.
This group will help us expand our supportive network, keep you motivated to practise the self-promotion skills together.

About your Remarkable facilitator:
I am Magda (https://www.linkedin.com/in/magdalenamarchewka/), and as business and digital marketing strategist I help & empower female entrepreneurs to shine & thrive online.

I am also a business mentor and connector, known as fab community builder, connecting entrepreneurial women and igniting collaboration in coworking movements.

Because, supporting other women on their way to success is my passion, I become one of the #IamRemarkable (https://iamremarkable.withgoogle.com/)facilitators in Ireland. I am also inclusion in business ambassador for DiverseIn (https://www.diversein.com/copy-of-about), international mentor for LadyUp programme (http://futuregenerationeurope.eu/en/lady-up-2/), and co-founder of WomenWhoCowork.

I strongly believe that "success one of us is a success of us all" and when fabulous women come together remarkable things can happen.
So I am looking forward to meeting you as I would love to create this Remarkable tribe with you!

If you will have any questions, or if you would like to have this workshop organised at your workplace/community, please do not hesitate to contact me! (feel free to send me DM)

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