• Glacier National Park

    Glacier National Park

    We have our permits and will be heading to Glacier during the dates noted. Thanks for all the interest and I look forward to other trip possibilities in the coming years. Backpackers—I am exploring the idea of backpacking in Glacier this summer/fall. The dates listed above are a placeholder and not a definitive time for going. The trip will consist of no more than 8 individuals. I am not an expert backpacker, but have done enough to know how to manage backcountry camping. This is for experienced/seasoned backpackers only. I am not a teacher nor a guide. Everyone will be responsible for themselves, but we will go as a group and have a great time seeing a ridiculously beautiful part of the country. Specific bear canisters and bear spray are required—much precaution needs to be taken, but we can talk about that later. If you are SERIOUSLY interested in this trip please respond to the meetup notice. I will setup a Slack meeting space for those interested to work on details. Backcountry permits open March 1. I will need a firm commitment before that time as we need to request group permits for specific trails on 3/1. If we apply after that date we may lose the opportunity to get permits. Let me know of your interest. Thanks, Debbie Bretag

  • Devil's Lake Camping Weekend

    Devil's Lake State Park

    I am probably going to kick myself for posting this so early but here's the deal, I have a group campsite reserved- G2 in the Group Camp at Devils Lake, which appears to accommodate 20 individuals and 7 cars. I would assume you can also park in the general parking and we can shuttle to the campsite. I am hoping this will be a fun weekend of hiking, kayaking, and possibly rock climbing. I am trying to figure out how to make this as fair as possible, and not hurt anyone's feelings, so here goes, and then everyone can make suggestions to improve: As there are only 20 spots, I am not sure if this is tents or actual head count, preference will be given based on activity within the group over the past 18 months, NOT order of RSVP (through July 1, 2019). Newbies are wonderful but please DO NOT RSVP to this event, if there are still spots open in August, I will post for the general population. -Now through July 1st I am looking for people who are interested in attending this event. - Mid July, I will look at the list and let you know your spot # based on the parameters above. -Mid August- I will go through the list and ask for a more definite commitment - If there are still spots open, I will post to the general public. It may be that people are interested in camping only one of the two nights, that's okay, I'll try to see if someone wants to split the two nights. Other options- Try to get an individual campsite Perhaps there are other accommodations outside of the park Just come and have fun hiking with us without camping.