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The IBF is hosting a scavenger hunt! It´s an opportunity to have fun with friends, learn about cryptocurrency and win some COLD HARD non-government-backed CASH (bitcoin).

Please refer to the Facebook event for additional information:

The rules are simple:

1. Create a Stellar Lumens team wallet and 4 Bitcoin wallets (one for each team member). If you don´t know how to see the FAQ below.

2. Create a team of 4 and register here:

3. Check this facebook page at 11 am on September 1st for a list of the ten clues.

4. Find the ten hidden public keys and send them each 1 Lumen as fast as you can.

5. Bring your whole team to Ingólfur Square at 5 pm on September 1st where we will announce the winners. All team members must be present to win!

Fastest Team: 0.02 Bitcoins per team member (about 15000 ISK)
Runner Up: 0.01 Bitcoins per team member (about 7500 ISK)
Third Place: 0.005 Bitcoins per team member (about 3750 ISK)

This event is free and is hosted by the Icelandic Blockchain Foundation

The registration page asks for a Stellar Lumens public key and 4 Bitcoin public keys. What is that and how do I create them?

Public keys are essentially wallets where you can send coins. Share your public key with anyone but don´t share your private key! You use your private key to unlock your wallet and control it. One way to create a Bitcoin public key is with the app. A Stellar Lumens public key can be accessed from the app. The Lobstr app appears to store Bitcoins as well, but it doesn´t. It stores a token backed by a Bitcoin. If this doesn´t make ANY SENSE, the IBF team would be happy to discuss asset-backed tokens with you :)

Why did you choose Bitcoin and Stellar Lumens?

We chose Bitcoin because it is the most widely accepted digital currency. We chose Stellar Lumens because transactions are fast and cheap.

I downloaded the wallets and signed up, but I have no idea what any of this stuff is. Can you explain?

Blog is coming soon!

I want to participate, but I am lost. Can you help?
Yes! Email Brian at [masked]