What we're about

The OC Japanese Meetup is a way for those who are interested in learning about Japan, the history, culture and language (of all levels) to meet. We have fun outings and events where members can exchange information, share interests, and establish friendships.

We are not a singles dating site!

You must have a clear picture of yourself in your profile to be accepted for membership. We ask this of all our members because many of the events are held in private homes and it would be helpful to know who to expect.

Also, please answer all the profile questions below in English or romaji to be approved. It's not a test and any genuine answers are acceptable--we just want to share information and get to know our new members.

No one is exempt.

*What's your interest in Japan(ese)?

*What do you hope to get out of The OC Japanese Meetup?

*What level of Japanese do you speak? Can you read & write also?

*I have read the Rules for Membership listed on the About page and agree to abide by them. ("Yes" is the only valid answer.)

Any blank answers will prevent you from joining this group. Only romaji or English please. Meetup.com does not accept non-Roman text.


We want people to get to know each other a little bit before their first meetup. It helps members feel at ease coming to their first meetup knowing a little about the others that will be there. Everyone who wishes to join the group will have to answer all the questions. No blanks will be allowed. For current members, you will need to fill out any blank answers with something reasonable. "No", "none", "I don't know.", etc. are all valid answers. All members must also have a picture of themselves on their profile. While it doesn't have to be your main group proflile picture, there must be at least one clear picture of yourself visible within your photo section. This is due to the fact that many of our events are hosted in private homes. We simply want to know who we should expect. Please keep your profile current. People who do not fill out their profile completely will no be accepted as members and current members who do not keep their profile filled out may be removed.

Meetup is to meet people, please be respsectful of each other, do not to stalk members online or hit on people online or at the events. Be mindful and avoid upsetting members by contacting complete strangers. You can always meet people and make friends at our events. Many of us have made several good friends from meetup by meeting them at regular events. If you are contacted by other members that you are not comfortable with, please let the other Leadership Team (Organizers), or meetup.com know about it. We will remove people from the group for inappropriate behavior.

Meetup.com may seem like free, but it does cost $45 per quarter to keep a group alive. Of course since we want to be an active group with a regular monthly activities such as parties and movie nights, there are various other expenses in running the group. This is why some events will request a donation to offset overall costs. All the members of the Leadership Team are doing their jobs on a volunteer basis. We want our members to be active and involved in our group. Keep your membership active by responding to events listed with a Yes, No, or Maybe and keeping your RSVP up to date.

Payments can be made in person at any event unless otherwise noted.

Members are actively encouraged to be involved in the group to keep the group running and fun. These contribution can be monetary such as Japanese learning materials, concert tickets for members, etc. to your time and effort to help with the running of the group, hosting events, teaching members about Japan(ese), etc.

If you think you can contribute to the group in your own special way, feel free to contact any of the Organizers to discuss how you might be able to contribute to the group.

One of the biggest issue with any Meetup group is with RSVP. We would like to make it so that we don't have to worry about such things, but much like having to work for a living, it doesn't always work the way we want it to. We really need our members to keep their RSVP current by using Meetup.com's RSVP system, or even calling, e-mailing, or texting the event organizer. It's the least you can do for the people who are working hard to host the event.

Since this is a Japanese group, it's especially important for you to keep your RSVP. We must think of the group and be considerate of our other members who are working hard. But we know things happen, so you'll be given three chances to make things right. You must make an effort to notify the host/organizer if you know your RSVP will change. Please do this in a timely manner, but you'll be given up to 24 hours after the start of the event to give a reason as to why you broke your RSVP. Failing that you will receive a *. After three *s you'll be removed from the group. Email the Organizer(s) here. (https://www.meetup.com/Ichiban/suggestion)

You are responsible for keeping your e-mail address current and checking your e-mail. Any action resulting from failure to respond to an e-mail is the sole responsibility of the member.

If you need help using the meetup.com site, contact meetup help or fill out the form for meetup support.


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