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Idaho Natural Hot Springs Group exists to create a safe, positive and uplifting environment where members can skinny dip in amazing hot springs, explore all that the great outdoors has to offer, and make great friends in the process.

I. Group Purpose

a. The Idaho Natural Hot Springs (INHS) group is a friendly, open, outgoing fun-seeking, outdoor-loving, non-discriminatory, leave-no-trace, camping, hiking, backpacking, wilderness-experience, responsible, adult beverage sharing... GROUP THAT LOVES SOAKING in the 200+ Natural Hot Springs in Idaho! Members of the group also travel to Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California and Montana to enjoy hot springs and private resorts in those locations as well!

b. All members of the group must be aware that many natural hot springs are clothing optional and that the general public, along with many of our members, choose to enjoy soaking in the nude. Please carefully read this Purpose and Disclaimer before joining the group. Every time you participate in an INHS trip or event you acknowledge that you have read and accepted this Purpose and Disclaimer.

c. The INHS group is a great place to make life-long friends and try new things. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you while enjoying one of Idaho's many amazing soaking experiences!

II. Idaho Natural Hot Springs Group Disclaimer:

a. By joining the INHS group, you agree, accept, and acknowledge that there are potential risks involved in venturing to any hot spring. You further agree, accept, and acknowledge that you alone are responsible for your own safety and that INHS and its leadership has no such responsibility. It is the policy of INHS to be safe and responsible and not to take unnecessary risks. However, each member assumes responsibility for his/her own safety and well-being.

III. Important Information You Need to Know:

i. What safety and behavior issues should I be aware of?

1. There are potential risks involved in visiting hot springs that could result in serious injury or death. Weather, other environmental conditions, lack of conditioning, insufficient gear, wildlife threats, etc. must be considered when deciding whether or not to participate in a hot springs outing. Neither INHS nor its leadership is responsible for your safety, your physical conditioning, inadequate gear, damage to your gear, etc. Each member and/or guest is responsible for knowing and understanding their own physical conditioning and limitations, gear, safety, etc. Please be responsible and prepared.

ii. How is transportation handled?

1. Each member and guest is responsible for arranging his/her own transportation to and from any INHS event. Carpooling is encouraged. Please contribute for gas if you're not driving.

iii. What do I need to bring for overnight events?

1. Check with your event host to determine what equipment you will need for overnight events. At a minimum, you will need adequate and appropriate clothing and camping gear for the season and expected weather conditions; food, water, required medications, etc.

iv. What should I wear when I soak in a natural hot spring?

1. Suit-free soaking is encouraged and members are free to soak however they are most comfortable.

2. Many hot springs, especially those in the back country, are clothing optional and most members of the INHS do not wear suits. As a result, you should expect to see nude individuals in and around the hot springs. If this offends you, the INHS group may not be an appropriate group for you.

3. What if I have never done that before? Will I be embarrassed or teased? If you have ever gone barefoot or worn shorts or a tshirt, you have already been seen partially naked! Body parts that are visible when we are fully naked are just like other body parts, neither shameful nor unpresentable. There’s no reason to be embarrassed and we make every effort to make everyone feel perfectly at ease and welcome.

4. If you do wear a suit, be sure that it is freshly rinsed in clean water at home. Detergents, bacteria and and other unpleasant things linger in the fibers of laundered clothing and are detrimental to the aquatic environment.

v. Is this a sex, orgy, or hookup group?

1. No! Absolutely not! INHS was created as a safe group for everyone. Any abusive language, rude or crude behavior, inappropriate touching, overtly sexual behavior or advances of an unwelcome or unwanted nature are not tolerated.

2. Should you witness or if you are the recipient of any type of inappropriate behavior, please contact the event host or INHS leadership immediately and provide factual details so that the matter can be investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

vi. Is alcohol allowed at INHS group events?

1. It is not uncommon for members 21 years of age and older to consume adult beverages on an INHS trip [in a hot spring-safe container (no glass!)]. Underage drinking is not permitted.

vii. Is there a minimum age to join the INHS group?

1. The INHS group is for adults only. You must be at least 18 years old to join. For group outings to commercial hot springs and resorts, the minimum age is 21.

viii. Is photography allowed?

1. Photography and videography are allowed and encouraged. However, taking photos or videos of members and guests soaking nude requires the express permission of each person depicted and may not be posted online without the express permission of everyone in the photo or video. You agree that any photo or video you post online will be taken down and deleted immediately upon request of INHS, its leadership or by anyone visible in the photo or video.

ix. Is there a membership fee to join the INHS?

1. Yes. There is a $5 per year membership fee. The membership fee helps defray expenses of maintaining an online community.

IV. Contacting the Group:

a. Important! Please reach out to the group organizers with your alternate contact information (phone/email). We need to be able to reach you quickly in the event of an emergency or a last-minute trip idea!

V. Right of Refusal:

a. INHS leadership reserves the right to deny any person access to an IHNS event if, in the leadership’s judgment, that person is unprepared, inexperienced, disruptive, or for any other reason that might lead to safety issues or unnecessary delays for themselves or others in the group.

b. INHS reserves the right to conduct a full and complete background check on each member of the group and to deny or revoke membership to anyone based on the results of the background check.

This is a great place to make lifetime friends and try new things. We are so much looking forward to getting to know you and enjoying Idaho's many amazing soaking experiences together!

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