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This is a friendly, fun-loving, outdoor-loving, non-discriminating, open, outgoing, leave-no-trace, camping, hiking, backpacking wilderness, responsible, adult beverage sharing... GROUP THAT LOVES SOAKING in one of over 200+ Idaho's Natural Hot Springs! Sometimes we go to Oregon, Washington, Nevada, or Montana Hot Springs and private resorts as well!

All members should be aware that many of these springs are clothing optional and many of our members chose to enjoy them in the nude. Please read the disclaimers below before joining, and by accepting any trip event you acknowledge that you have read and accept this disclaimer posted below each and every time.

This is a great place to make lifetime friends and try new things. We are so much looking forward to getting to know you and enjoying Idaho's many amazing soaking experiences together!

------------------Happy soaking!!------------------------------------

INHS Disclaimer: By joining this group, you acknowledge and accept that you are aware of the potential risks of venturing to an Idaho hot spring and accept that INHS and its leadership are only responsible for their own safety (YOU are responsible for your own). We will, of course, always be as safe and as responsible as possible. We will never attempt to take unnecessary risks.
A) Safety: INHS nor its leadership is responsible for your safety, insufficient gear, damage to your gear, etc. Each person will be responsible for their own conditioning, gear, safety, etc. There are potential risks on these types of trips that could result in serious injury, or even death. Weather, other environmental conditions, lack of conditioning, insufficient gear, wildlife threats, etc. must be considered when determining to join an outing. Please be responsible and prepared.
B) Transportation: You will need to arrange your own transportation to and from the event. Carpooling is encouraged. Please chip in for gas if you're not driving.
C) Overnight: Check with your event host to determine the equipment you will need for overnight experiences. At minimum you will need camping gear, food and water.
D) Miscellaneous: Here are some Need to Knows and Frequently Asked Question Answers.
1. Attire: For thousands of years humans have enjoyed natural hot springs the natural way, i.e. in our birthday suits! INHS and its leadership agree that hot springs are best enjoyed this way. Bodies are good and non-sexual nudity never hurt anyone. Many Idaho hot springs, especially those in the back country are clothing optional. So, expect many people to be soaking nude (i.e. "birthday suits," skinny-dipping", bare bodies). If this concerns you, feel free to bring your bathing suit. Members are free to soak however they are most comfortable and nudity will not be frowned upon. INHS is a safe group. Unwanted sexual advances will not be tolerated.


2. Alcohol: It is not uncommon for members (21+) to consume adult beverages on an INHS trip [in a hot spring-safe container (no glass!)] and have adult conversations. Underage drinking will not be permitted.
3. Children: Generally speaking, children are not unwelcome at INHS events, but will likely be exposed to responsible adults enjoying hot springs in the above manner. You have been informed.
4. Photography: Photography and videography is allowed; however please do not photograph other members without their permission.

5. Contact: Important! Please reach out to the group organizers with your alternate contact information (phone/email). We need to be able to reach you quickly in the event of an emergency (or a last minute trip idea!)

*INHS leadership reserves the right to deny access to any member to an INHS event if in the leader's judgment that person is unprepared, inexperienced or for other reason might lead to safety issues or unnecessary delays for themselves or others in the group.

Here are a few examples of some Natural Hot Springs "relatively" close to Boise:

Juntura Hot Springs in Oregon:


Goldbug Hot Springs in Idaho:



Skinny-dipper/Mile4 (now closed, boo!! hiss!!):



Pine Flats:



(Yup! That's me too, hiding myself behind the rock! Love Pine Flats!)

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