What we're about

This group is for Twin Cities area thinkers, innovators, and creatives interested in forming an idea infrastructure to support creative thinking. The coral reef is a metaphor for just such an environment.

IdeaEcos is like a coral reef providing a nutrient rich environment for its participants to nurture their ideas through discussions and activities.

The group's purpose is to build an idea sharing ecosystem to support our individual creative efforts.

Ideas and innovation flourish when they are shared in a community. Ideas morph and grow when combined with new perspectives and the "spare parts" used in different fields.

Join in –

describe your ideas or slow hunch;

participate in a new activity and learn new thinking tools;

contribute to the creation, diffusion, and adoption of a common, idea-growing ecosystem.

All professions, educational backgrounds and ages are welcome and encouraged to join/participate in this group.

This group will be FREE of charge as much as possible, but there may be charges for special events and activities.

“…the most productive tool for generating good ideas remains a circle of humans at a table, talking shop” (Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson, pg 61)

Special Thanks to Ms. Danielle Feliciano for the Extraordinary Artwork: http://www.daniellefeliciano.com/gallery.ht... (http://www.daniellefeliciano.com/gallery.html)

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Groundswell Coffee

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