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UPDATE: June 2020

Greetings! I joined this group a long time ago. Then, awhile back, I received notification it was ending. I hated to see it go, so I decided to placehold as 'organizer.' Now, I'd love to see if anyone is interested in stepping up to lead it. There are over 2,000 members, so I presume we are all like-minded and interested in the subject matter.

If someone wanted to step up as organizer, that would be amazing!

Anyone have ideas what is best? There's so much potential here and feels like the timing could be terrific.

Love, Karen


This is a group dedicated to moving our lives forward in a positive direction, and we like to use the Law of Attraction! If you have seen the movie "The Secret" or seen the Oprah show featuring "The Secret" then you may know about the law of attraction. Come and hang out with us, and let's share some good vibes. We are a positive group of peers that enjoy sharing laughs and life together.

Do you struggle with Fear, Anxiety, Procrastination, Self-Sabotage? Do you set ambitious goals for yourself only to sit helplessly by and watch time go by and you have not met your goals?

For weight loss, do you struggle with willpower and self-sabotage?

In Business, do you get paralyzed by fear, overwhelm, and lack of clarity?

In your personal life, do you struggle with lack of peace in your meaningful relationships, stress, or lack of financial success?

Learn a powerful, yet simple technique that can propel you towards your goals and conquor them. Come join us to learn how to conquor your goals. I'm going to explain what science has found that is holding you back, and more importantly, what you can do today to change that.

Get ready to live the life of your dreams.

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Are you Stuck? ... Break Through!

Needs a location

Are you Stuck? ... Break Through!

Needs a location

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