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Globalizing Ideas

Meaningful Discussions in teaming up with Ideas Exchange 😊

Thanks to our growing community, we can debate big ideas with people all over the world... Simultaneously!!


Join our global community of minds and share with people in different countries and from all backgrounds thorough our weekly online debates. Imagine debating with people in 10 different countries at the same time... How awesome is that?

This is a safe, inclusive and respectful space designed to talk to other humans, learn from one another and implement our ideas, in all relevant aspects of life.

We will discuss both “big” and “small” ideas, talking about the past, present, and future, the ideal world and our everyday reality.

Each Meetup will have a main focus subject, with a wide margin to explore other interesting topics.

Our main rule:

“I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Some subjects we’ll explore:

Human wellbeing and psychology

Relationships and family

Society, economics and politics

Lifestyles, cultures and languages

Technology and futurism

Philosophy, religions and ideologies

The “why” and “what for” of life

And many more, that we’ll decide on together…

Welcome to the global community of Ideas Exchange!

Upcoming events (1)

US Elections: Choices and Consequences

Online event


Welcome to this fascinating global debate… held simultaneously! Join participants from cities the world over… don’t miss out! https://ideas-exchange.info/en/product/us-elections-choices-and-consequences-november-3/ You can book your space in a few easy steps. Another four years have passed and American voters will choose their next president, so it’s as fitting a time as ever to ask ourselves: Do we know what we’re choosing? During the debate, we’ll explore the long-term consequences of our political choices, both for the country and the world, and create a time capsule of expected outcomes that we’ll revisit in four years’ time! We’ll get together in front of our screens and with coffee or other beverage in hand talk to other human beings that are as passionate as ourselves about finding answers. Some subjects we’ll touch on: • Voting for politicians vs. voting for policies • Is there such a thing as an informed public? • Time capsule – what we expect in 4 years’ time • Why are we so polarized? • Emotions vs rational thinking in making political decisions • And so much more! Upon finishing the get-together, we will have established our expectations for the next 4 years and shared early results of the elections! When? Tuesday, November 3 What time? 8 PM New York/ 7 PM Chicago/ 5 PM LA Who participates? Global minds from all over the world How many people per group? A maximum of 9 people per debating group to maximize experience How much? We only charge a small contribution of 4USD And if I don’t like it? No risk involved. We’ll give you a complete refund Do I have to prepare? It’s not mandatory, but if you like there’s Food for Thought videos How do I connect? You’ll receive a link in your email max. 24 hours after payment Everyone is welcome, together with their plus ones, ideas, and perspectives. Click on the link and register now! https://ideas-exchange.info/en/product/us-elections-choices-and-consequences-november-3/

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Resilience in Times of Crisis

Online event


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