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Who doesn't love a good TED Talk? The TED premise of "Ideas worth Spreading" is exactly what we're about in this meetup. However, instead of a polished presentation format, we aim to keep it casual. Come to our meetings ready with an idea to share. It might be a book you're reading, an article you read, a podcast you love, a documentary that made you think, a class you're taking, or a concept you're trying. You don't have to be an expert, just convey the idea and expose others to your perspective. We are open to ALL types of people and perspectives! We are all here to learn about something new or interesting. Come have some coffee and spread ideas with us!

Note: we are not affiliated with the the official TED organization, just curious folks who love TED talks and their premise of "Ideas Worth Spreading".

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Let's Explore Ideas...

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT IS LIMITED TO 6-10 PEOPLE. IT IS CROSS-LISTED ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/345863342780983/ PLEASE ONLY RSVP HERE OR ON FACEBOOK, NOT BOTH PAGES. THERE IS A DOG ON PREMISES. __________________________________________ What makes you go "hmmm..."? Seen any great TED talks lately? Does an amazing book, podcast, or article have your mind buzzing? Tell us about something interesting that has made you think, inspired your curiosity, or engaged your sense of wonder recently. Give us a glimpse into your curious brain, and enjoy the diverse, fascinating topics offered by the other folks in the room. A few quick notes: **You MUST bring something to share. It can be super simple, short, and informal, but please bring SOMETHING. By signing up, you agree to this. • Please keep your topic relatively short (2 - 5 mins is great; 10 mins is the limit). • It's casual! Talks should be conversational in nature, not highly rehearsed lectures or speeches. Topics could include: a TED talk you watched, a podcast your heard, a book or magazine article you read, a workshop you attended, or an art exhibit you saw or heard about. You can sing us a song, read us a poem or passage from a book...or you can bring something to show us ("show and tell"), like an interesting object or work of art. Use your imagination. The sky is the limit! If you have any questions, please send me a message. See you soon! xoxo Klaudia

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Let's Explore Ideas...

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