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Ideas In Motion is for creatives, thinkers, polymaths, multipotentialites, athletes and “Renaissance people.” It was originally called HikeStorming (the combination of hiking and brainstorming) but that was really just one way of getting people to come up with good ideas. HikeStorming is also a good way to work on your health and fitness, while simultaneously working on your plans and ideas. So, we’ll still plan on doing that. It’s just that now, we’ll be open to a LOT more.

The central theme of this group is ideas. And, it doesn’t matter if we’re running, hiking, going to a coffee shop or meeting at a co-op work place, as long as we’re thinking, discussing or collaborating on “emergent” things.

You might want to, for example, work on a philosophy, book, product, startup business plan, music, writing project, podcast or something for other “creatives” and thinkers.

This group is made possible by Brandon Norgaard, The Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Meetup and Sacramento Dilettantes.

The group is sponsored, in part, by GliderCell, a content development consultancy in Sacramento (Note: Lee is looking for partners and affiliates as well as guests for his podcast).

Ideas in Motion is hosted by Lee Chazen (podcast link below).

The embedded link function is not working properly, so here are the links to some key terms and examples from above (in the order they appear above)

Multipotentiality https://buff.ly/2YO7tsr

HikeStorming Video Composite https://buff.ly/2YOHkKa

HikeStorming TV Concept https://buff.ly/2YMeNAP

Philosophy https://buff.ly/2H1fukA

Book https://buff.ly/2YNhban

Product https://buff.ly/2DJsDwE

Business https://buff.ly/2RzK0Uk

Music https://buff.ly/2M3ur92

Writing Project http://enlightenedworldview.com/

Podcast https://buff.ly/2Ted9qn

Blog for Creatives https://rightbrainworld.blogspot.com/

The Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Meetup https://buff.ly/2YQxfbH

Sacramento Dilettantes https://buff.ly/2YJC46l

GliderCell https://www.glidercell.com/

Lee Chazen https://buff.ly/2TcVjEi

Past events (26)

"Intelligentsia" End Of Summer Party

4305 Roosevelt Ave

Let's Talk About Possibilities

Shine Cafe

The Shine Jazz Jam (Free Jazz Night)

Needs a location

Improv for Thinkers: Ideas in Motion

Foot of the Guy West Bridge

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