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What we’re about

This group is for hikers, runners and thinkers. It is designed to take advantage of the good, clear thinking that usually happens during a hike, run or after a workout of some sort. The blood if flowing. The oxygen is coming in. We want to use that to our advantage. 

The central theme of this group is ideas. And, it doesn’t matter if we’re running, hiking, going to a coffee shop or meeting at a co-op work place, as long as we’re thinking, discussing or collaborating on things.

You might want to, for example, work on a book idea, a product, startup business plan, music, writing project or podcast idea.

This group is made possible by Brandon Norgaard, The Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Meetup and Sacramento Dilettantes.

The group is sponsored, in part, by GliderCell. We can help you with writing, content development and social media strategy. Write to us at 


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