What we're about

Hello and welcome to all our new members .
Our water skiing schedule will go as planned , every Tuesday from 4:30 PM till 7:30 PM with a Wednesday rain date .
And every other Saturday from nine in the morning until 11:30 AM . No rain day .
Other private arrangements can be made .
Location and scheduling to be announced .
Until then .!!!
We will be meeting for snowboarding and snow skiing either at Mount Holly or Pineknob
Thursday, January 12 full moon .
Thursday, February 9 Full moon.
Thursday, March 9 Full moon .
Monday, March 20 is the first day of spring .
Which will start our spring kayak season . I have six kayaks that we can use on Maceday Lake which has a good four hour paddle .
Which has a park at the halfway point with a frisbee golf course and a picnic area .?
Anyone is welcome to bring their kayak with them .
These will be posted as weather is permitting .
Which will lead us to our wakeboard and water skiing season for 2017 .

To everyone have a happy and safe holidays and once again welcome to all our newcomers .

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