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Start connecting with like minded people and begin to grow and evolve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in the most powerful positive ways.

Join Julie and Genevieve to discuss topics including: self-development, developing a success mindset, gaining confidence, personality transformation, general health, self care, developing leadership and communication skills, mastering the law of attraction, energy healing modalities like Reiki, Hypnosis, and NLP, and much MUCH more.

Join us every month to connect, have some fun, and begin or continue your positive transformation.

Meetups every first Tuesday every month from 7-8:30 PM

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How to Manifest Anything- Law of Attraction Technique

Join Julie Holmes and Genevieve Myers to learn a powerful manifesting technique. In this Meetup you’ll learn a step by step process you can apply to your life immediately to leverage the Law of Attraction, get results, and create the life you’ve been dreaming of. Please RSVP as space is limited. There is a $10 Fee at the door to enter the event. *Please note: Due to space rules and regulations you will be asked to remove shoes upon entering the room. Please feel free to bring extra socks or house slippers. 151 West 30th street Floor 3 Room 7

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Success secrets- How to develop a success mindset

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