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Gentle Nutrition Workshop for Body Peace
Discover Body Peace through Gentle Nutrition In this 3-hour workshop you will learn how to end the vicious cycle of Yo-Yo dieting and replace it with Gentle Nutrition. PURCHASE YOUR TICKET HERE: If you are looking to deepen your own mind+body connection and start thriving in your body on all levels then this work shop is for you! You will learn: -Why diets don't work..long term -How to ditch the diet mentality -Becoming a mindful eater -What it means to eat Intuitively -Healing with Gentle Nutrition -Benefits of eating local + seasonal produce -My grocery tips + tricks to eat fresh on a budget Understand the step-by-step protocols to let go of the diet mentality and instead embrace mindfulness at meal time to reach your goals with ease. I'll be teaching you how simple it is to meal-prep Plant-Based so you can easily incorporate more fruits+veggies into your regimen. This is a great introduction to a Plant-Based lifestyle and for those that are looking to lower intake of animal products. You'll learn the healing benefits of Plant-Based meals to lower inflammation, balance hormones, reduce stress, increase vitality and give you clarity of mind! Each attendee will also receive a FREE copy of my Plant-Based eBook with over 20 super simple Plan-Based recipes + my Grocery/Pantry must haves. We will also have a LIVE Q&A to ensure you are confident in your ability to incorporate these strategies into your own life. When you have the TOOLS for success, follow through becomes effortless. Space is limited so if you are ready to Discover Body Peace for yourself then RSVP!

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What we're about


This space is to assist you in shedding your masks and living a soul-aligned life, stepping into your role as a light worker.


My name is Aubrey Marlette, and I am owner of Serendipity Life Design, LLC.

I am a certified coach and my passion is guiding women to overcome spiritual, emotional, and energetic blocks they encounter while fulfilling their Divine life purpose in this world….in other words, as they fulfill their mission as “light workers”.


More and more light workers have been born to this world in recent years because our world is in desperate need of healing.

-You feel that you have important work to do in this world…this may involve healing, teaching, writing, coaching, counseling, or energy work…however, it doesn’t have to.

-You love to help others.

-You constantly find yourself thinking of such topics as spiritual development, healing, and peace on earth.

-You feel a sense of urgency about your life purpose.

-You are a light-filled Soul. Others are drawn to your healing energy like a magnet.

-You are highly-sensitive. Others may call you “too sensitive”, and you may identify yourself as an empath.


>> You identify yourself as a light-worker and feel a sense of urgency about helping others through delivering your unique work to the world.

>>You want to feel supported in your work.

>>You experience fear and this leads to procrastination and self-sabotage. You KNOW that you have important work to do, but you just aren’t doing it.

>>You feel like you wear a mask every day- that the people don’t REALLY know you, and that if they did, they may reject you.

>>You desire to be uplifted by like-minded others.

>>You are inspired by others’ stories.

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I will coach you to align your spirit, emotions, and energy so your entire being is supporting your life purpose.

I will guide you to identify the beliefs that are holding you back and heal them, clearing energetic blockages, vows and contracts that you no longer want to run your life, and reprogramming your energy.

I will coach you to shed all of your masks- all of those things you “should” be doing, pressures you feel to “fit in”, make “enough” money, etc.

I will teach you about the mind and how sometimes your personality can be fragmented; You may have one part that wants to be successful and one part that is afraid. When we heal these conflicting energies, your will becomes like a laser beam pointed in the direction of your purpose and all energy will be aligned. As you heal the personality, it comes more under the direction of your SOUL. When this occurs, you can move forward as a whole, integrated being, stepping FULLY into your POWER as a light worker.

I will ENCOURAGE members to share struggles and triumphs so we can learn from others’ experiences.

I will promote a sense of COMMUNITY.


I will send you light on your journey and support your growth any way that I can!


If you desire more intensive support, in-person community healing experiences, and more intensive coaching, you may want to join our membership community. You can find out more about Unleash Your Light Healing & Empowerment Circle at our website:

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