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Design Hacking: Great UX without time, money or design skills - Everett McKay

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Learn Design Hacking with Everett McKay

Design a great UX without time, money or design skills

In today’s world—where people are walking around with great user experiences in their pockets—a great UX is no longer a “nice to have” or a feature that can be added later. Customers expect a great UX from the start, and they aren’t waiting around. This is a new challenge for entrepreneurs, who often lack UX skills and always lack spare time and money.

In this talk, Everett McKay will present a new communication-focused approach to rapid UX design. A user interface is ultimately a conversation between users and technology, so well-designed user interfaces use the language of UI to communicate to users efficiently, naturally, and intuitively. Focusing on effective human communication removes much of the mystique, subjectiveness, and complexity from user interface design, and helps you make better design decisions with confidence—while spending much less time and money.

Everett will present the core principles of communication-focused design and along with a process for designing UIs without an over reliance on user research, user testing, and unnecessary iteration. Along the way, you will learn exactly what it means for a UI to be intuitive, and how to take full advantage the design skills and knowledge that you already have.

Everett McKay is Principal of UX Design Edge

UX Design Edge helps software professionals create better user experiences through design training and consulting.

Everett is the author of UI Is Communication: How to design intuitive, user-centered interfaces by focusing on effective communication (, published by Morgan Kaufmann in June 2013. This book explains user interface interaction and visual design using human communication-based principles and techniques, and is targeted at non-designers.

Everett also runs Ask a UX Expert (, a fast, simple, cost-effective user experience design consulting service that answers your UX design questions for a low fixed cost.

Previously Everett was a program manager at Microsoft for nearly 10 years. He was on the Windows 7 and Windows Vista teams, and was responsible for managing, writing, and driving the Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines ( This role enabled Everett to develop expertise across a wide range of user experience specialties and act as an in-house consultant to help teams across the company do their best work. Before joining Microsoft, Everett was a software developer who specialized in GUI design and programming for Windows and Macintosh.

Everett holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from MIT.