Idea Hacking with Pretotyping: Build The Right It before you build It right

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Idea Hacking with Pretotyping: Make sure you are building The Right It before you built It right with Alberto Savoia

Most new products ideas fail in the market not due to poor marketing or execution, but because they are not "The Right It" – they are not products that people actually want. Even when properly carried out, many commonly used market research techniques too often lead to false positives or false negatives.

Originally developed at Google in 2009, pretotyping is an approach to market research and testing that combines lean and rapid product prototyping techniques with Bayesian analysis and other metrics to significantly increase confidence in the market's interest for a potential new product. In this lecture, Alberto will introduce the concept of pretotyping along with several "preto-metrics", provide several real-world examples of this powerful technique in action and, to help crystallize the concepts, will challenge the audience with some pretotyping exercises.

About the Speaker:

Alberto Savoia

As an early Google employee, Alberto led the launch of the company’s multi-billion dollar AdWords product and, later, became Google's Innovation Agitator and the company's most requested speaker on the topic of innovation. In addition, Alberto is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor. He has been teaching his approach to maximize successful product innovation (which he calls pretotyping) at Google, Stanford and to dozens of Fortune 500 companies for the past three years and to rave reviews. His handbook “Pretotype It–Make sure that you are building The Right It before you build It right” has already been translated in a dozen languages and has become an essential guide for thousands of innovators and entrepreneurs world-wide. For his work on innovation, he has been recognized with many industry awards, including The Wall Street Journal Technical Innovator Award. You can learn more about Alberto at and about pretotyping at at .