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Everyone Deserves a Family. Whether you're a heterosexual, same-sex couple, or individual, it is possible to become a parent through the help of a gestational surrogate. This MeetUp is for anyone looking for more information on becoming a gestational surrogate and helping others create their family. Topics discussed will include questions you have on the requirements to become a surrogate, the compensation involved, and everything that is apart of the surrogacy process which includes matching, legal, medical procedures, etc.

Becoming a gestational surrogate is a big commitment and we want to help build a community of potential surrogates that are well-informed and understand the commitment of carrying a baby or babies for those looking to become parents.

Surrogacy can be a complicated process and we want to provide an open forum to anyone with questions on being or becoming a surrogate. Golden Surrogacy was founded because our owners went through three surrogacy journey's themselves. We know first-hand the type of woman it takes to become a surrogate and we want to help spread that information to those who wish to become a gestational surrogate and help build families for those who cannot do it on their own. Come and learn! Snacks will be provided!

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