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Charlie Hunt:Java’s Compact Strings, Improved throughput and reduce memory
Abstract: A feature included in JDK 9 called Compact Strings, (JEP 254 -, transparently introduces single character storage for Java’s java.lang.String, and related StringBuilder, StringBuffer classes. The goal of this project was to reduce Java application memory footprint, yet not sacrifice throughput. This session talks about not only the feature, but the methodology behind meeting the project goals of reducing memory footprint, yet not sacrificing throughput performance with the use of java.lang.String, StringBuilder, StringBuffer and related classes. In fact, this session will also illustrate that some Java application will realize a reduction in memory footprint, improved throughput and lower latency. Attendees will learn more about the feature, and the testing approach utilized to ensure project goals had been met with what is arguably the most popular Java object in the JDK. Bio: Charlie Hunt is a Java and JVM Performance Engineer at Oracle. His responsibilities span the three legged stool of performance; throughput, latency and memory footprint. He leads a variety of Java and JVM projects whose focus is on one, two or all three of these performance areas. He is the lead author of Java™ Performance (Addison-Wesley, 2012), and a co-author of Java™ Performance Companion (Addison-Wesley, 2016). He is a regular presenter at the JavaOne Conference where he has been recognized as a Java Rock Star. Charlie wrote his first Java application in 1998, joined Sun Microsystems in 1999 as Senior Java Architect, and has had a passion for Java and JVM performance ever since.

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