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Scott Kramer & David Kaiser Presents: Are you Mocking Java?
• What we'll do The world of software has changed again. What once was considered boring and a impediment to speedy development has become embraced by industry leaders as essential. Testing has been reinvented as an all-purpose elixir to solve code problems, reduce costs, and increase reliability. While most Senior developers know how to write a test, few understand how earth shifting testing that has come about in the last 5 years. Previously simple Unit Tests were considered sufficient, however that notion has been destroyed in light of the new Microservice world. While Unit tests continue to be important, they have slipped into the finest of yesteryears technology and must be augmented with new Integration testing that can test a Microservices behaviors and external relationships. This presentation will cover concepts, techniques and best practices of JUnit 5, JUnit4, Mocking, REST endpoint testing, Contract Testing, and much more. If you want to get a job today (Corporate –or—Open Source) you will have to know these new testing techniques or be damned to the fires of emergency production fixes and low wage hell! SPEAKERS Scott Kramer Lead "Hands-On" Architect for various clients. Scott Kramer has over two decades of experience with technology leadership, enterprise architecture, application development and consulting having written and sold his first commercial program in high school. Scott has worked on many different hardware devices, operating systems, languages and technology stacks including Single Board Computers, information gathering devices, multi-cored linked devices, and mainframes through personal computers. Scott has experience in many languages and operating systems including MVS, Unix, and Microsoft, .NET, Java, C, and more. Scott has certification in several technologies, and has been published in variety of subjects, written computer based training modules and has spoken at JavaOne multiple times, Chicago Coder Conference, and various local venues on a variety of subjects. Scott volunteers for many organizations including Chicago Java Users Group, Illinois Java Users Group, Coder Conference, Chicago Police, the Sheriff, and a Society for Global Citizenship (a disabled children’s organization). Scott graduated from University of Wisconsin, and happily lives in Chicago with his wonderful wife. Scott's twitter account is @IllinoisJUG David Kaiser is a Developer on the Extreme Programming team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico and Texas. Dave started coding with BASIC, then moved on to many other things: a career as an academic, corporate trainer, entrepreneur, and lastly as a translator for the FBI (don’t ask, I can’t tell you…). After an epiphany at South by SouthWest, he came back to code and completed Dev Bootcamp. Dave primarily works in Java, but also Javascript, NodeJS and Ruby. Dave can execute HTML / CSS as well, but his visual design skills are terrible and he is open to suggestions for resources. Dave has spoken at a variety of conferences and events in his previous lives, and would love to speak at your event or meet up. Dave has a BS in Finance from Georgetown University, a Masters in Russian from University of Arizona, and a Doctorate in Linguistics from the University of Chicago. Follow Dave on Twitter at @DWKPhD

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