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The Illinois Java User’s Group ( CLICK -> Chicago (http://Chicago.IllinoisJUG.org), Northwest (http://Northwest.IllinoisJUG.org), Central (http://Central.IllinoisJUG.org) and Virtual (http://virtual.illinoisjug.org/) Regions) are here to help you learn Java and Java related technology that can help you in your job today, we are NOT interested in advertisements for products or services disguised as presentations.

LUNCH (WEBCAST) MEETINGS: Please join ( http://virtual.illinoisjug.org/ ).

NIGHT MEETINGS: Meetings will be held 2nd Tuesday of Month and as the Meeting Director determines best. These meetings will NOT be webcast, they will be infrequently recorded and uploaded to Vimeo use link videos.illinoisJUG.org (http://video.illinoisJUG.org).

We prefer non-sponsor recruiters not attend our meetings. However, in order to get free meeting space, food, and drinks We may allow a sponsor to talk 2 minutes about there company. We do this also to help you build your peer and professional networks to learn more about the local Java market.

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Kafka's Core Concepts by David Greenfield

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Abstract Kafka is a clustered streaming platform. It has been adapted across multiple industries over the last decade to provide scalable and durable messaging. The goal of this talk is to provide an understanding of the basics of Kafka as well as an understanding of how it is applied. Bio Dave Greenfield has been a software development professional and hobbyist in the Chicago-land area for over 25 years. He has sat on the IJUG (Illinois Java Users Group) board. He has worked in multiple industries using multiple programming languages and under multiple development paradigms. He has spoken on REST, Enterprise architecture in the Chicago area and at Java One.

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