Spring Boot JavaEE DevOps and The Cloud

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1) Download & Install "Oracle VirtualBox"

2) Download & VirtualBox Import devops.illinoisjug.org

3) Boot up the VirtualBox instance to ensure it boots, ==>then==> shut it down, then bring it to prezo! (To avoid messing up the HandsOn environment code is locked/hidden till prezo and unlocked ONLY for attendees).

4) if INTELLIJ needs license, use below 45 trial code...


Want to learn (yeah, actually learn it) to implement a full stack product using DevOps, Microservices, Spring Boot, Spring Security, JavaEE, Angular, React, OWASP, REST, ZUUL, SSO, Redis, Swagger, Hystrix, Turbine, Graphite, DropWizard Metrics, Docker, Docker Compose, Maven, Gradle and Eureka. This (optionally) HANDS-ON presentation will actually show you how to do all of that and more! Presentation will present code and a virtual machine (also available for download) on how to properly architect and implement a scalable, proformant, reliable system. <>

About the Speakers...

Derek Ashmore is a senior technology expert with over 25 years of experiences in a wide variety of technologies and industries. Derek is currently focusing on microservice architectures, cloud computing, and refactoring unsupportable applications. Derek is currently Managing Partner at Break The Monolith. Derek’s books include the “The Java EE Architect’s Handbook” and “Microservices for Java EE Architects”.

Scott Kramer Lead “Hands-On” Architect for various clients. Scott Kramer has over two decades of experience with technology leadership, enterprise architecture, application development and consulting having written and sold his first commercial program in high school. Scott has worked on many different hardware devices, operating systems, languages and technology stacks including Single Board Computers, information gathering devices, multi-cored linked devices, and mainframes through personal computers. Scott has experience in many languages and operating systems including MVS, Unix, and Microsoft, .NET, Java, C, and more. Scott has certification in several technologies, and has been published in variety of subjects, written computer based training modules and has spoken at JavaOne multiple times, Chicago Coder Conference, and various local venues on a variety of subjects. Scott volunteers for many organizations including Chicago Java Users Group, Illinois Java Users Group, Coder Conference, Chicago Police, the Sheriff, and a Society for Global Citizenship (a disabled children’s organization). Scott graduated from University of Wisconsin, and happily lives in Chicago with his wonderful wife.