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Sometimes you just know.

I recently changed the name of this group but I have had so many people request to change it back and see it back I now will. Paranormal experiences are real they sometimes challenge our minds and scare us, ultimately it is only us that can determine what just happened

The Group will need keen people who want to grow with the group and people who want to share and be around others with similar interests. when we go out on location it can sometimes be very interesting indeed woodlands at night, sounds, encounters and in various locations, mix that with the energy of the surroundings always means eventful evenings and experiences

The Group will also cover a variety of subjects to run alongside Ghost hunting this just helps to make people aware of the things that ultimately affect themselves and others

Come along and share your experiences and grow with the people in the group its always good to see people.

if you have any question please just message or call me


mobile 07498 585767

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Spirit Guides

Matts House

Do you already know your Guides Do they show you your true path The reality is we all have them, you just need to know who they are and why they want to help. This meet will show you the calling Believe, ask, and call, They will listen.

ESP Telepathy Intuition

Matts House

Your entire body, in fact, is an antenna. It’s sensitive to energy. Many choose to ignore it, although everybody is able to tune into their intuition. I myself was gifted with Clairsentience I have the ability to feel the energy and emotions of others. From an early age, I was guided by certain people who enhanced and directed my abilities that is why now I set up this group to help others You may or may not believe you can tune in to others. understanding energy can be life-changing. Come along and see if you can unlock your own abilities or just relax and chat

Midweek Evolution Relax and chat

The Command House

Open engaging conversation with a chance to meet others and make new friends. Relax and Chat with others. When we get our minds to remain Calm the whole universe surrenders.


Matts House

Your brain has a negativity bias, but your mind can teach it to be happier. Sometimes we never fully realize the power of the mind, but sometimes we do. Many people carry hidden gifts or feelings come along to meet others who may never have realized or want to share. It is a truly inspiring feeling to meet others trying to unlock their gifts, or already know they have

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