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EFT for Weightloss by Roopali Bajaj

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According to new scientific studies, EFT is very successful at helping people attain and maintain their goal weight. That's because it doesn't rely on diets or restrictions, but resolves the emotional issues that underlie overeating. This workshop shows how EFT, by dissolving emotional issues, can produce effortless weight loss.

Roopali Bajaj, Gastric Mind Band Specialist provides hands-on demonstrations of how quickly EFT can eliminate cravings. You walk away with the knowledge of how to use it for your cravings on a daily basis.

Using EFT for 1 or 2 minutes can arrest your cravings when you're confronted with foods you normally can't resist. You then no longer feel compelled to eat them. In research studies, EFT has been found to reduce cravings quickly and reliably. In one study (published in the peer-reviewed journal Integrative Medicine), EFT reduced cravings by 83%. A randomized controlled trial, published in early 2012 in Energy Psychology journal, found that participants using EFT lost more weight than those who received talk therapy. Even more remarkable, in the 12 months following the weight loss program, they didn't just maintain their weight loss. They actually kept on losing weight steadily and effortlessly over the course of the following year.

Date: Saturday, 5th January 2013

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Investment: AED 100/-