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Is there a connection between the spiritual and the imagination?

As organizer or dictator, its my job to make sure no one feels welcomed.

This is brand new so I want to keep it open to Options A or B.

Option A "The Dead Poet Society": We meet as a group when one person dares to show and tell about their current project with great vulnerability, everyone watching gives shrugs of disinterest or disgust.

Option B "Fellowship of the Ring": We travel together to Mordor with one common goal but then betray each other in the end to get the precious for ourselves.

What is your cretaive interest? My creative interest is writing short stories and animating them. The stories are usually satirical like an arrest warrant.

Everyone likes to laugh the only difference is at what. The world likes to laugh at Jesus’s teachings, maybe you are like me and laugh at the wisdom of this world?

Are you open to learn or teach to write, edit, draw, paint, digitial art, video editing, music, voice acting?

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