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Alexandria - How to Visualize, Open your Imagination, and Work with Dreams
Imagery is central to so many other practices: it shows up in yoga, in artistic activities, writing, filmmaking, wellness, and of course, dreamwork. This group has a new name....THE ARMCHAIR DREAMER Hey, yoga has its mats and meditation has it's cushions....most people engaged in imagery, visualization, and dreamwork, use the armchair (or something close to it). We bring our conscious minds and mingle with the unconscious in wakeful dialogue. Sitting up we go into the unknown to learn more and to be: more creative, less stressed, more imaginative, and more. Come be part of the Armchair Dreamer Meetup group.... LEARN, DISCUSS, AND PRACTICE....Simple, direct, practical, and effective. Just below the surface of our usual thinking are brainwave patterns that allow us to look at things in brand new ways. By gently stepping down to these states we release: new ideas, new insights, stubborn obstacles, stuck stress, and divisions between mind and body. Who should attend: These techniques will be useful for a wide range of people. Some come to shake off stress. Others to enhance their creativity and others come to apply these techniques to spiritual exploration. That is the power of visualization, imagery, and dreaming. It covers a wide range of experiences. Whatever your interest, please come to learn simple, direct, practical, and effective techniques. Learn and use these new skills as you wish. Visualization, Imagination, and Dreaming Our unconscious is at work morning, noon, and night, and, with practice, we can be part of it's highly creative and important work. This Meetup focuses on developing skills in three forms of working with the unconscious: Visualization - is the ability to bring a specific image or goal to our "mind's eye" for exploration and creativity. Imagination - is broader than visualization because it allows more unguided elements from our unconscious to mingle with what we bring into a imagination session. There are always surprises and insights because our unconscious is more in control. Dreaming - is that state where we are very far from our usual way of being in the world. This is rapid-eye-movement dreaming as we sleep. Dreams can be recalled with practice and dream symbols and stories and can be explored for deeper understanding of what is happening in our unconscious. Format: -Quick introductions -Quick presentation -An invitation to try a visualization and imagination exercise -Explore experiences and dreams brought by attendees Length: 90 minutes Time: 11:15 AM to 12:45 PM Alexandria, VA Where: Sacred Circle Books ( 919 King St, Alexandria, VA (edit map ( Sacred Circle Books (we meet upstairs) is close to King St. Metro (about 7 blocks), neighborhood on-street parking, and metered parking. Fee: Free, but small donations ($5) are always appreciated to help defray the cost of rent and materials. >Average attendance: 5 people - some from this Meetup listing and some from other sources. Don't miss the Armchair Dreamer blog. Instructor: Gary Goodwin has led dream groups since 1991 and has received training from major dreamworkers Jeremy Taylor and Monte Ullman. He is a certified Interactive Guided Imagery guide, Level 1 Guided Imagery and Music guide, and has completed training with imagery instructors David Bresler, Mark Lawrence, Belleruth Naperstak, and Ann Weiser Cornell. New work includes an emphasis on brainwave development through training at the Princeton Biofeedback Center and with practitioners using biofeedback equipment such as the Mind Mirror.

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Learn how to access your imagination for: creativity, inner exploration, better decision making, mystery, beauty, understanding your dreams, building inner resources (i.e. confidence), and more.

We will use both short imagination explorations and longer visionary journeys.

Your guide is Gary Goodwin. He is certified in Interactive Guided Imagery, is a Level 1 Guided Imagery and Music guide, and has extensive training in archetypes, dream work, and working with subpersonalities.

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