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Imagine Love Instead Meetup lists events in the Phoenix area (often available by phone and video conferencing!) that invite you to feel truly accepted for who you are, and generously supported in who you are becoming. Tools and support to envision your best life, where love abounds and flows through you uninhibited. Discover your subconscious blueprint, learn new tools to establish more empowering models of reality, and most importantly - feel the unconditional love that can transform your sense of self and your place in the world. Events listed are invitations to experience safe space and connect deeply with others.

Do you want freedom from your old patterns, negative beliefs, or low-vibration emotions? Would you like relief from pain, confusion, and disappointment about other people's behavior? Are you feeling like a victim of life, resenting how you've been treated? Are you ready to expand your consciousness to find freedom, joy, and a Happier Way To Live?

We have fun in deep connection with each other, discovering truth about ourselves in an encouraging and inspiring environment. Come join us and get what you've been missing in life!

Organized by Josette Bergeron, Educator, Speaker, and Integrative Life Coach with Imagine Love Instead, LLC, associated with Loving-Groups.com International Community. Learn more at http://www.ImagineLoveInstead.com

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Free Conference Call with Integrative Life Coach

Needs a location

Hosted by Josette Bergeron, Certified Host for Loving-Groups.org and Certified Integrative Life Coach Experience the synergy of holding safe space by phone with other supportive people also learning how to live happier lives. Host works with one speaker at a time, asking clarification questions to help them get seen, feel accepted, and experience the unconditional love that transforms. Loving-Groups.org sponsors several FREE conference calls each week. You'll find these calls enormously helpful as you learn and implement the principles of unconditional love. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other people who are learning to find and share free support. These calls are especially helpful for those people who do not have a Loving Group in their area. • Phone Number • Phone: (605)[masked] Code:[masked]#

Wholehearted Happy Hour by Susan Dufault, Certified Life Coach

Susan Dufault's Residence

Wholehearted Happy Hour Think a night spent with friends MEETS enjoying a download, new information, or just a new way to look at something! Would you like to... •Have fun while meeting like-minded people? •Enjoy learning new things about yourself and others? •Take an opportunity to ask a certified life coach that nagging question about your relationships, career, spiritual practices or habits that you haven't been able to answer? The Dictionary.com definition of wholehearted includes enthusiastic, energetic and hearty. Join us for some hearty laughs, energetic dialogue and enthusiastic connection. We will provide... •A chance to meet new people and see old friends. •An entertaining voluntary ice breaker. •A short (5 minutes or so) teaching on a topic related to relationships, spirituality, self discovery, health and wellness, etc. •An opportunity to have your questions answered by a certified life coach •Play! As well as.... •Snacks - light finger foods •Drinks - soda, coffee, tea, wine Because what Happy Hour would be complete without that?! Join us Tuesday nights from 630pm-830pm beginning Tuesday, October 2nd in our home. Bring your questions, your obstacles and your classrooms to this wholehearted, loving and wise environment and let's use them to learn how to apply principles to get you to the relief, results and happiness that are yours to have!! Love offerings gratefully accepted!! Allergy alert: Two adorable dogs share our home (we may be a tiny bit biased about them!)

The Inner Brat's Guide to the Light - Playful Workshop $10

The Connection Community Center at Paradise Valley Mall

***PLEASE ARRIVE 10 MINUTES EARLY TO PAY $10 & GET SEATED**** Inner Brat’s Guide to the Light: Inviting the Inner Child to Reveal Hidden Hopes (90 min Workshop by Josette Bergeron) Purpose of Workshop To create a safe and playful space to engage in a specific inquiry to the subconscious about hidden resentments or fears that may persist in the present, to connect with deeper wisdom and resolve to nurture and love ourselves in ways that will support our hopes and dreams. How It Works By shifting our awareness inwardly with the willingness to learn more about ourselves, and expressing our feelings through playful exercises in a safe space, a direct dialogue is possible that may reveal secret longings, fears, resentments, and associations that have been unclear. With new information, we can acknowledge and address more consciously, feelings and thoughts that may have held us back. Meet Your Facilitator, Integrative Master Life Coach Josette Bergeron, ULLC: Josette started Imagine Love Instead in 2016. Her coaching practice is founded on principles of unconditional love and acceptance, and the empowerment to take full responsibility for ourselves emotionally. Her most popular offerings use playful Inner Child work to reveal deeper fears and hopes, to integrate the fractured parts of Self and reprogram the subconscious with affirming beliefs. She provides tools and insight that inspire and support spiritual seekers to allow obstacles to happiness to dissolve and move forward into more satisfying, successful lives. Find out more about her at www.imagineloveinstead.com

Mid-Week Relief! Relax, Recharge & Refocus! Open Hours (Love Donation)

The Connection Community Center at Paradise Valley Mall

Mid-Week Relief! Relax, Recharge & Refocus Open Hours - Drop In and Leave as you wish Every Wednesday: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM Love Donations accepted 5:00pm Doors open 5:15pm RELAX with Guided Meditation 5:30 - 6:30pm Open Meditation with live cello, music or bowls 6:30 RECHARGE with Sharing, holding, and connecting time 7:00 REFOCUS with Integrative Master Life Coach Josette Bergeron for easy conversation, answers to your questions, and the invitation to learn more about how Josette can support you on your journey! Welcome to your Mid-week Relief Night! I invite you to come enjoy calm, accepting, fortifying space held just for you at The Connection on Wednesday nights. We serve complimentary hot tea, coffee, and cold filtered water. There is no fee, however donations are accepted through all forms of payment, and go directly to Loving-Groups.org. I will offer a 10-15 minute guided mediation, followed by a full hour of protected calm meditative space where you can sit or lie down comfortably while I play my cello, Tibetan prayer bowls, or other beautiful meditative music. Sitting mats and chairs provided. You can bring a yoga mat if you like. Then we can visit with each other, sharing experience, strength, hopes, and fears. I will be present to support you with acceptance, acknowledgment, validation, and some coaching if appropriate and desired. I could be available to hold you in a safe space, or suggest further resources for connecting and growing. I may offer a light lesson relevant to our group mood. What do you need? What will help you on your journey? I'm here for you! Learn more about your Host for Mid-week Relief Nights at her website www.ImagineLoveInstead.com

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