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Robotic Imaging in Surgery, ML/AR for Computer Assisted Surgical Interventions

--------------------------------------- YOU MUST READ THE "HOW TO FIND US PART". It is otherwise Impossible to find the room. Trust me. Print the directions or take a picture. --------------------------------------- Recent advancements in Robotic Imaging, Machine Leaning and Medical Augmented Reality. I will first discuss the particular requirements for intra-operative imaging and visualization. I will then present some of our latest results in intra-operative multimodal robotic imaging and its translation to clinical applications. I will then discuss the impact of research advancement in machine learning on medical imaging and computer assisted intervention. I will finally present some applications of virtual and augmented reality in the medical domain. Starting by the current deployment of AR and VR technology within medical education, I discuss its current and future impact on surgical education and training. I will then review the first deployment of augmented reality into operating rooms in the last two decades and pres (View Full Event Description Here: https://scien.stanford.edu/index.php/event/prof-nassir-navab-technical-university-of-munich-and-johns-hopkins-university-robotic-imaging-machine-learning-and-augmented-reality-for-computer-assisted-interventions/) Background info on robotic imaging in surgery: see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNLB5Xcf3Co and https://www.medicalaugmentedreality.org/ Prof. Nassir Navab (Technical University of Munich and Johns Hopkins University)

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Stanford SCIEN: Snapshot multispectral imaging from a different angle

Stanford University - David Packard Building

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