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This is a group for people interested in Games & Immersive Technology, XR/VR/AR, Interactive Entertainment, Realtime Content Creation, Virtual Production, Immersive Experiences and more.

The aim is to bring together people working across the entertainment technology and games sectors in Liverpool. Including artists, developers, technologists, researchers, designers, content makers, businesses, freelancers and emerging talent.

We are also keen to promote the pioneering content, IP and technology coming out of the regions many businesses, Universities and organisations working in this space.

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Godot Engine User Group Meetup @ DoESLiverpool

DoES Liverpool

Godot Engine is the one and only free and complete open source games engine you can get today that's also fun to use.

Come to Liverpool's first Godot User Group Meeting on Tuesday 6 December from 6pm till 8pm. Hosted by Julian Todd and DoESLiverpool to share experiences, show off what you're doing, or find out what it's all about with some hands-on experience.

Laptops can be provided if you don't bring your own. (If you do bring your own laptop, we guarantee that Godot is so efficient it can be downloaded and fully install it on any computer in under 3 minutes, or your money back!)

We've used Godot to make everything from a big VR game on the Meta Quest, to a small 2D iPhone app with three modal menu buttons.

What happens in this session depends on who turns up. We will first share stories of how we first discovered Godot, and then have a discussion about what projects we are doing or planning to do. We also need to talk about whether new projects should be done in Godot 4.0 (now in beta release), or if people should stick with Godot 3.5 to be safe.

And finally, what will it take for employers to make the jump to this engine and hire people with these skills, or are the legacy engines too locked in for this to ever happen?

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Liverpool Unreal Engine Meetup

FACT Liverpool

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