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Virtual and Augmented Reality are portals to another world. The Metaverse is a new dimension that will connect people in more powerful ways than the Internet has made possible. Telepresence, teletranslation, teleportation, flying cars - all those things will become possible.
This new virtual dimension will require a lot of digital content. This content is being created by 3D artists, XR designers and developers. We have created an Academy to quickly and effectively provide people with the necessary skills to create virtual content. Our goal is to have as many people as possible creating content; we are focused on empowering people to create, and not just be consumers of content. Lack of virtual content has been the most serious issue with adoption of VR.
Whether you are interested in trying VR/AR/MR for the first time, or you are already an enthusiast who wants to see this medium go mainstream, or are a professional in the industry already, we invite you to join our group and come to our meetings.
Together we are more powerful in moving this industry and causing mass adoption, for the realization of a new dimension in which all people are closely connected, the sharing of ideas is free and immediate, and human evolution and the betterment of society happen as a result.

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Chronos Global Academy

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