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Virtual and Augmented Reality are portals to another world. The Metaverse is a new dimension that will connect people in more powerful ways than the Internet has made possible. Telepresence, teletranslation, teleportation, flying cars - all those things will become possible.
This new virtual dimension will require a lot of digital content. This content is being created by 3D artists, XR designers and developers. We have created an Academy to quickly and effectively provide people with the necessary skills to create virtual content. Our goal is to have as many people as possible creating content; we are focused on empowering people to create, and not just be consumers of content. Lack of virtual content has been the most serious issue with adoption of VR.
Whether you are interested in trying VR/AR/MR for the first time, or you are already an enthusiast who wants to see this medium go mainstream, or are a professional in the industry already, we invite you to join our group and come to our meetings.
Together we are more powerful in moving this industry and causing mass adoption, for the realization of a new dimension in which all people are closely connected, the sharing of ideas is free and immediate, and human evolution and the betterment of society happen as a result.

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Where XR and Education Intersect Today and in the Future

Chronos Global Academy


You are invited to an unforgettable evening in which Chronos Global Academy will be discussing how VR/AR is impacting education, and the educational content that we are developing. In this program we will be formally announcing our new Youth Mixed Reality Development program. We have spent a big chunk of this year developing this program, and I am happy to say that it is amazing! It's as program that I want to send my daughter to. It's a program that I want to participate in. And it's a program that complements what other coding organizations are offering in our area. We are also having a very special guest, the renowned medical illustrator David Bolisnky. Spaces are limited. Get your ticket now because we cannot exceed capacity. Agenda: 5pm: Doors open and networking 6pm: Presentation on Youth Mixed Reality Development program by Chronos Global Academy 7pm: Partners offer a presentation on their kids programs, and how it connects with the Chronos Youth Mixed Reality Program. 8pm: David Bolinksy offers a presentation on his extensive body of work with the perspective of what the experience will be like when his work is presented in Virtual Reality. 8:45pm: Closing remarks. 9pm to 10pm: Networking and VR play. About David Bolinsky: David Bolinsky is the Medical Director of ‘The Inner Life of the Cell’, which he produced for Harvard by incorporating the latest advances in technical biological visualization. David has an accredited degree in medical illustration from Ohio State, Masters work in Anatomy from Ohio State and Michigan State. He was a faculty member at Michigan State for 3 years, then went to Medical School at Michigan State. Next, he became the Senior Medical Illustrator at the Yale School of Medicine. He left Yale in 1984 to start Advanced Imaging, the world’s first digital medical animation company. David has given three TED Talks, and at this event he will give another one! Learn more by visiting davidbolinsky.com Parking validation is provided in the Wells Fargo Building for the people who purchase a ticket. We look forward to seeing you. For questions, please contact Ricardo Parker at[masked] or email [masked]

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