What we're about

Are you an immigrant, either a recent one or been some years in the US? If life creates an environment that you are still trying to adapt to and that it creates challenges then this meet-up is for you.


1. Discussion around aspects of one's identity and goals.
2. People's expectation of what a new land is supposed to be.
3. Old structures and patterns of thinking that aren't useful anymore.
4. Many more topics.

You will listen, talk and participate in these meet-ups. You will learn about like-minded or similarly situated people. A lot of learning will happen by seeing how people see the world through their own eyes and how each reflects upon the other.

Specific accountability exercises will be assigned to you on your mobile phone app that will be tracked by the meet-up organizer to see how your progress is going. Habits will extensively used to create new character and to decompose old patterns that aren't helpful.

Who will find our meetup useful:

- Empower yourself
- Hold yourself accountable
- Overcome your beliefs that hold you back.
- Create new energy within yourself to tackle to newer energies outside.
- Develop ability to Laugh at yourself

Who will not find this meetup useful:

- Those who are not willing to take responsibility for themselves or their actions.
- Those who judge, blame and criticize others.


- Must have a smartphone (either iOS or Android).
- Pen and writing pad.


Will be in and around Oak Park or Chicago. Will expand when necessary.

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