What we're about

People show up for several reasons:
• Play Improv games for the first time
• Gain Improv experience in a low-key environment
• Expand your acting and/or comedy interests
• Improve your communication skills via an unusual but effective approach
People come back for the cast of characters and the games.  For two hours on a Saturday afternoon, we laugh a lot.  And people get out of it what they want.

This group was started in August of 2017 to meet a need in KC. It is a community group and FREE to all participants. The 6-18 attendees at each session will vary. Most have no Improv experience outside this group.  In each session, we learn by doing and from each other. 
If this sounds like you, then drop in and play a few games with us.  You'll know after one session whether this is a place that energizes you.

NERVOUS ABOUT TRYING IMPROV? I can tell you this much. After well over 100 of these sessions, a number of people have come in asking if they can just watch. However, in under 15 minutes of watching, every one of them are in the group participating in the Improv games. And, they usually remark at the end how fun it was afterall.
ONE MORE POINT: Thus far, it seems that ANYONE can play in our Improv games. All they test are how fast a person can come up with something to say and do "in the moment" of an Improv game. Makes no difference your age, gender, race, creed, etc. We are only after your Mind and what it can bring to the Improv Games we play.

Upcoming events (4+)

Our Improv Turns Five

Needs a location

This Improv Meetup group is five years old this month. There have been well over 100 sessions featuring hundreds of your fellow Improv'ers during that time.
We continue with the fun and laughter while adlibbing our way to faster thinking on our feet. Join us for two fast-paced hours of a dozen or so Improv games that any one with any level of Improv experience can do.
As always, these sessions are free to all, including any guests you want to bring along.

School Year Starts and Improv Continues

Needs a location

Join us for two fast-paced hours of fun and laughs as we play a dozen or so Improv games. These games are designed so that any level of Improv experience can participate. Always free and your guests are welcome to play along too. Only thing you need to bring are your imagination and a willingness to Play.

Fall into Improv

Needs a location

Fall Season begins. This Improv Meetup group continues into its fifth year. Join us for two hours of fast-paced fun and laughter as we play a dozen or so Improv games. These games are of the kind that any level of Improv experience can play -- that's why we call this group "Amateur Improv". And, it is always free to you and your guests that you bring with you.
See you at this session!

Improv and Indigenous Peoples' Day

Needs a location

Many of the daily conversations we have often are spontaneous interactions -- similar to Improv. Thus, you are often doing Improv. Join in one of this Meetup group's sessions to practice your Improv. We spend two hours playing a dozen or so Improv games. Fast-paced. Always free. Lots of laughing and fun.

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Improv Continues to Grow

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