What we're about

People show up for several reasons:

• Play Improv games for the first time
• Gain Improv experience in a low-key environment
• Expand your acting and/or comedy interests
• Improve your communication skills via an unusual but effective approach

People come back for the cast of characters and the games. For two hours on a Saturday afternoon, we laugh a lot. And people get out of it what they want.

This group was started in August of 2017 to meet a need in KC. It is a community group and FREE to all participants. The 6-18 attendees at each session will vary. Most have no Improv experience outside this group. In each session, we learn by doing and from each other.

If this sounds like you, then drop in and play a few games with us. You'll know after one session whether this is a place that energizes you.


Upcoming events (5)

Improvisation amid Holiday Preparation

Online event

We get together twice each month on a Saturday afternoon to play Improv games for a couple of hours. The games fit any level of Improv experience. Much fun and laughter as we adlib our way through it all. The Zoom link will be sent out on game day about a half hour before the session begins at 1:00 pm Central). Join in!

Improv as a Holiday Gift?

Online event

Frazzled from the holidays? Take some time to be silly by playing many Improv games. Laugh. Have fun. Participate, regardless of your level of Improv experience. These session are always FREE.

Improv for the New Year

Online event

Time to start our Improv in the New Year. Any level of Improv experience works here. Fun. Laughter. Free. Fast-paced. We play about a dozen Improv games each session whether online or in-person. Join us! Zoom link will be sent to RSVP of "Yes" within the hour before this session begins.

Mid-Winter Improv

Online event

Winter chills? We always do some Warm Up games at the start of each session. Join in the fun and laughter, whatever your Improv experience has been. Zoom link will be sent to RSVP of "Yes" within the hour before this session begins.

Past events (79)

Improv before Thanksgiving

Online event

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