What we're about

We can't stand idly by while so many humans in the world are suffering. The bottleneck for the rate at which humanity improves is the number of brains we have working on the fundamental challenges facing us. By building communities of these people, we can exponentially increase the rate of improvement and sustain the effort generations from now.

If you love not just talking but acting on changing the world, come join us.

Our Purpose: To create communities, spaces, and shared resources for ourselves and our posterity to explore, discuss, and act on their paths towards maximizing the well-being of humanity in a realistic and rigorous manner.

Our Approach: Many people have the inner desire to impact the world, but it's hard to turn desire into action. We help each other develop a realistic and rigorous approach to solving humanity's problems.

We will help each other:

1. Explore current solutions to humanity's problems at Think Sessions (info below).
2. Find an infrastructure focus (e.g. food, water, shelter, environment).
3. Develop two objectives, each including a problem statement with a solution.
4. Create a next step to achieve within two weeks for each objective. The next step is specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely (SMART).

Group's Objective: To create a habitat: an apartment with 100 housing units, a supercomputer, prototyping shop (makerspace), community garden, great hall, meeting rooms, and a local food source costing less than $6 per meal.

For more info check out ImproveHumanity.org!

Past events (31)

Startup Idea Brainstorming (Experimental)


Think Sesh! Breaking down Humanity's Problems

Coffman Memorial Union

Feed My Starving Children w/ Improve Humanity

Feed My Starving Children

Pharmacogenomics Mayo Clinic Startup CEO Q&A | OneOme

Coffman Union Room 303

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