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We, developers, spend most of our time reading code; we need to understand why it was written, how it works, and what it does. The sooner we understand the code, the sooner we feel confident to change it, so it's very important we do our best to keep the code clean and understandable.

Any developers who care about their work should join our meetups, regardless of their language(s) of choice; there's always something to be learned.

Our events will always focus on how we can be Improving Code!

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Clean React code with Hooks


Join us for another great presentation on Improving Code! Claudio has been looking for good examples of clean React code for some time and he has now found it through a fellow co-worker, Eric Siebeneich. As a warm-up, we'll start the meeting by looking at code and discussing ways to improve it. Do you have code you'd like us to do a group review? Send a message through meetup and we will make it happen. ------------------------------ Main Presentation: Clean React code with Hooks with Eric Siebeneich React Hooks are the hot new thing (and for good reason!), but how do you start migrating code to the new style? In this Improving Code session, we’ll analyze a pre-hooks High Order Component, how hooks can help us simplify the logic, and convert it into a custom hook to be used by other components. ------------------------------ Eric Siebeneich is a Senior Consultant at Improving Houston. Blog: https://devzeebo.github.io/

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Code Review: I Mean No Harm!


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