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This group is for anyone wanting to participate in dramatic improvisation with a group of friendly strangers and/or friends. Some of our goals are to; shake off the blues with some comedy fun, release social inhibitions and grow in confidence while expressing ourselves, improve public speaking skills and make new friends in the process.

Everyone is welcome whatever your improvisational background or level of experience, the important thing is to have fun and express yourself through the fun, social and exiting medium of improv.

Maybe you're nervous socially or scared of public speaking - that's ok come and play, challenge yourself have fun and laugh! Maybe you're super confident and want to practice your skills - it's all good. Hope to see you soon and have great fun experiences together.


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Improv for Self-Confidence & Social Anxiety Workshop

Paines Plough


This session aims to explore the meaning of social anxiety, what it consists of, and what we can do to support our selves and each-other in a 'non-judgemental' way. This process will involve group exercises and activities, the objectives of which will be to engage with and support each-other, to give us an opportunity to share our personal experiences and learn from each-other. We'll be drawing from the fun world of improv games for some experiential experimentation and to facilitate the opportunity to grow. This is a friendly group improvisation session based on theatre games, acting warm-up exercises and icebreaker games followed by short, playful, and light scenes, although there is no formal set-up. The aim is to help build self-confidence in social situations, make connections with others, challenge the boundaries of your comfort zones, explore self-expression, release social inhibitions and develop communication skills through fun, interactive and communal experiences. So, if you like to have fun, make new friends and laugh while getting in touch with your creativity please come along :) **PLEASE READ** At 43 Aldwych (near Aldwych Theatre) press the 'Paines Plough' buzzer for entry and come up to the 4th floor. *Only take the lift if you need to with no more than 2 people in it. *Important: make sure the inner door of the lift is closed, and do not try to open it early before the lift reaches your floor. Thank you. Schedule (approximate): 19:00 - 19:15 Arrivals 19:15 - 21:00 Interactive exercises and activities including improv games. 21:00 - Post workshop social at a restaurant or bar nearby :) The cost is £10. Please ask about concessions if you need to. I will arrive after 6.40pm If there is no answer from the buzzer please wait. Thank you in advance for your patience. Please arrive on time for a prompt 7pm start, thank you!

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Improvisation For Self-Confidence

Paines Plough


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