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TURN ON YOUR CREATIVITY | GET THE WORDS IN YOUR HEART ONTO THE PAGE The Improvisational Writing Workshop with Kelly Morgan Frees Your Writing.

Are you an experienced or aspiring writer who wants to write more . . . but . . .hmmm it's not happening.

Maybe you feel burned out? You've forgotten why you liked to write in the first place.

Or you hated high school English and never learned the fundamentals. And after the teachers marked your papers up with all those red marks, you decided you should go into accounting instead.

Hey I understand. I struggled to become a writer. Like the time a teacher said to me: "What's wrong with you? Why can't you write?"

Yikes. I wanted to chug down a pitcher of margaritas but I'd already stopped drinking by then. That's why I created my Improvisational Writing Process. Over 25 years, thousands have attended my workshops and these methods work — even if you're a total beginner.

With the proven creative tools of Improvisation, you release yourself from the chains of censorship, perfectionism and self-doubt. You stop the struggle and your confidence and productivity increases. Most important of all, the stories only you can tell — you share them with others.

Playful, nurturing, action packed virtual sessions ARE NOT VIDEOS. They are live online group coaching sessions. That's why I post Improvisational Writing Workshops on Meetup.

Stop getting ready to write — and actually writing every week. (And no, with this kind of improv you don’t have to be funny or get up on stage.) Woody Allen, one of our country's most prolific writers said: "Eighty percent of success in life is just showing up." That's true in an Improvisational Writing Workshop.


"As an author and writer, I am humbled by the ways in which Kelly's Improvisational Writing Workshops bring out my creativity. Her prompts, in-class discussions and guidelines for sharing my work with other students inspires me! Every week I'm exploring my thoughts, feelings and stories on paper in a way I wouldn't do on my own — and it's so much fun." Barbara Jaffe is an an award-winning English professor at El Camino College, a regular contributor to "Psychology Today", Author of the memoir: "When Will I Be Well Enough? A Replacement Child's Journey to Healing."

“Every single week Kelly created a safe place for deep authenticity and vulnerability for every single person in the group. I expressed myself fully, more than I’d ever done in my writing before. By the end of the course, I knew I could have more fun writing better! I feel very strongly, this course with Kelly is a gift everyone should give themselves and others.” Kim Carpenter, Small Business Owner, Executive Coach, Marketing Strategist

“After years of futile attempts, I started composing flowing melodies, doing auto-biographical writing (despite being afraid to) and gave myself ‘permission’ to finish a large body of unrecorded songs.Thanks to Kelly for being so good at what she does. Her classes were a rich arena for making new friends. At my age and level of cynicism, to have such open and honest exchanges with such a bright-eyed, young and hopeful group recharged my batteries.” Terry Kirkman, Songwriter for The Association, Singer, Psychologist

To sign up for a virtiual Improvisational Writing Workshop, please go to the website: www.creativlife.com

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