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This group is for travellers of all ages who want to experience the world. As a travel and tourism professional and educator I enjoy facilitating this group. An Impulsive Tourist prepares well for the trip in advance but is open to the art of letting it happen. Living in the moment and dealing with adversity with a positive attitude is often where our best memories come from. We are part of the experience and not just spectators.

Goals of this group:

1. Pioneer a supportive travel community

2. Reinforce and learn more about destinations

3. Brainstorm about new and creative ways which will enable you to travel more

4. Acquire skills to travel independently to just about any country

5. Generate greater awareness of destinations around the globe

6. Find potential travel companions for future travels

7. And, perhaps most importantly - have fun!

We look forward to seeing you at a future meetup.

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Update August 19, 2018

I started the meetup back in late 2014 but a lot has developed since then. The first meetups were destination focused presentations but for some reason the formula didn't catch on. So, almost by mistake or fate, we couldn't get the classroom one evening and, while sitting at the River Market Anthony said 'let's go to the pub'. That got the ball rolling as we transformed from an educationally focused group to where we are now - a vibrant social group. I must say that some tremendous leaders have emerged who desire to help others get out there and travel more.

I am also happy to say that several of us will be going to Thailand for the first significant trip together. There is still plenty of space for anyone who wants to join us for a week in Bangkok (Krung Thep).

Some members have said that they want more from this group. As a result, we will look at doing a tourist day each month in addition to our monthly social gathering. So come to a meetup and give us your ideas of what you'd like to see happen.

We will also be looking for a new venue (or venues) as we have outgrown our current space.

Things I have learned along the way about how this meetup can be most beneficial for everyone.

1. Come to the meetup with an open mind. (none of us are sure what we will learn or experience there)

2. Be willing to help others and not just be with us to take from the group.

Happy Travels,


Upcoming events (2)

New West January Chat

The Paddlewheeler Pub

Having just returned from Asia from a busy trip apologies for the delay in the meetup scheduling. This month we will not try anything new but stay tuned for a new venue in New West and meetups in Coquitlam and White Rock in the next 2 or 3 months. I look forward to seeing all who can make up and to answer any questions about our past trip together.

Coquitlam February meetup

Roo’s Pub & Grill

THE DATE MAY CHANGE (might be the Tuesday) as I’m in Bangkok and need to confirm with the pub This is a meetup for travellers of all ages , budgets and different styles. Our format for the meetup is a very informal social setting. In this type of setting , if you have questions or information for the group , please feel free to speak up during the meeting or let one of the organizers know beforehand. By using this format , friendships and travel buddies have developed over time We have also created a Facebook group to share our knowledge, ask questions and post relevant travel news. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/143692696335490/ TOPICS 1. Ask questions about the group trip , my month in Thailand & 5 days in Shanghai 2. Discuss a group trip for next January 3. Help anyone with their upcoming trip Lots of parking, well lit and accessible by skytrain (2 blocks from Coquitlam centre station) Hope to see you here or another upcoming meetup On a side note , you can see pics of the group trip and my trip on my instagram @travellingwithtroy

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December Travel Chat

The Paddlewheeler Pub

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