What we're about

We are a group of travelers that socialize while trying to help others learn and plan their trips of all budgets, ages and styles with our combined knowledge and experiences.

This group was founded in 2014 by Jim Michelis which has evolved into an interactive and supportive group that has formed lasting friendships.

In our relaxed informal non-sales atmosphere you have the opportunity to:

1. Be part of a supportive travel community

2. Get help with your questions about your trip

3. Brainstorm about new and creative ways which will enable you and others to travel more

4. Acquire skills to travel independently to just about any country

5. Generate greater awareness on destinations around the globe

6. Find travel companions for future travels

7. Try your luck at travel trivia at some of our events

8. Most importantly: have fun and make new friends !!!!!!!

Eat, Drink, Travel ....Repeat is our sister meetup group which is for active travel in which we post our weekend getaways , group trips and tours in which people can join.

Eat, Drink, Travel ....Repeat (Coquitlam, BC) | Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/eat-drink-travel-repeat/)

Since there is money involved in these type of events , we wanted to keep the 2 meetup groups separate so they can keep their identities . Impulsive Tourists will retain its social status, whereas Eat, Drink, Travel …Repeat is our active travel section.

We also have a Facebook Group

Impulsive Tourists

Impulsive Tourists | Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/143692696335490)

We post all the events in the group as well as sharing travel news , trip reports and looking for travel partners. The last 3 items are easier to do in Facebook then Meetup


Troy Knight

At the age of 45 in 2014 I did my 1st backpack trip , 5 week trip through the UK and that was the beginning of my travel adventures . In 2016 I came to the realization that I wasn't happy and needed a change so I sold my business and 90% of my belongings in hope that I could find myself and still travel the world. Early 2017 I went to my 1st Impulsive Tourists meetup where I met other travel fanatics and good friends. During those years I got more involved in organizing Impulsive Tourists meetup activities , weekend trips and group trips. Since the 1st trip in 2014 , I have visited 30 countries by myself and a few times leading group trips with members of Impulsive Tourists.

I travel to experience new cultures , food and beer :) while exploring museums, art galleries and side streets. I'm not a budget traveler per say as I tend to spend money on admissions , experiences and sporting events as I don't want to miss anything in case I can't return.

2019 one of our members convinced me to become a travel agent as I'm retired as i have a passion for travel and knowledge to help others plan their trips.

The bonus that I discovered is that I can access the suppliers directly when the members decide on a tour destination and save everyone money.


604.669.6607 ext 640

contact me if you are looking to travel

Click the link to join my travel agent facebook group where I post the weekly travel deals. ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/NearandFardestinations )

If you are not on Facebook , email me and i can add you onto my weekly email blast with all our travel offers.

I will not be posting or spamming this group with ads or promotions.

Upcoming events (1)

New West Travel Meetup

The Boathouse Restaurant

Our summer picnic/bbq's during covid were a success as many attended which made it a great atmosphere.

With the weather turning cold and wet + the vaccine rollout and vaccination passport it's time to move indoors again .

3. important points
1. I have to make reservations so if you cant make it change your RSVP as soon as you know. If i reserve to 20 and only 8 show up , it cost the restaurant money and gives us a bad name.
2. You are responsible to pay and tip for your meal and drinks
3. Im going to pick the New West Boathouse now but may change as i need to go look at setups as its been almost 2 years since ive been there


645 - 710 - arrival and mingle with guests
710 - 730 - introduce yourself ,describe your travel and tell us your next travel destination
730 - 815 talk about travelling during covid , move around to meet other travellers while giving and receiving travel tips or eat your dinner
815 - 830 Travel Trivia
830 -900 mingle
For people that are interested in hearing about our trips , ill grab whoever is and move into a smaller group
830 -900 Describe and answer any questions about upcoming trips from our sister meetup Eat, Drink, Travel ....Repeat

* The culture of this group is first and foremost to inspire others, and ourselves, to travel more and experience more. We enjoy a non-sales, non-membership atmosphere. It is primarily a helping group where we have set up a community to assist you with your travel dreams where we can help. Our members are happy to share travel tips and ideas with all who show up.

Galapagos Nov 16-28 & Ecuador Nov 28- Jan 7 Group Trip Tentative Dates
Eat,Drink,Travel ...Repeat link
Facebook link

13 day Tanzania Safari jan 22 - feb[masked]https://fb.me/e/SJ5FGaq0
cancelled due to covid and will be rescheduled in 2023 for the members that are interested

5 Week Trip Combining the Iran Tour & Russia Group Trip May[masked]
Eat,Drink,Travel ...Repeat link
Facebook link

Gloria's 14 Day Iran Tour using a local Iranian tour agency May 28 - June[masked]
Eat,Drink,Travel ...Repeat link
facebook link

2 Week Russia Group Trip June 14 -[masked]
Eat,Drink,Travel ...Repeat link
Facebook link

Troy's 14 day Intrepid Iran Tour + 3/4 days Munich/Oktoberfest sept 14 oct[masked]
Eat,Drink,Travel ...Repeat link
Facebook link

We also have a Facebook Group
Impulsive Tourists
Impulsive Tourists | Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/143692696335490)

We post all the events in the group as well as sharing travel news , trip reports and looking for travel partners. The last 3 items are easier to do in Facebook then Meetup

Side note
I became a travel agent in my retirement .if you are thinking of any type of vacation , reach out to me

i have a facebook group where i post weekly deals.
Please join and invite others . thanks

If you are not on facebook but would like to hear about the weekly deals , then send me an email [masked] to get added on to my weekly mailing list.

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