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We often think of life as a struggle to have things (time, money, success etc.), so that we can do things (have fun with kids, buy the mansion, revive the relationship), so that we can be something (be happy, content, peaceful). Is it possible we’ve got this reversed? Is it possible that we first need to be in a certain state, that will in turn inspire us to do things, and that in turn will attract the things we want. I think there is something to it and a lot of us are discovering exactly this. Here lies the crux of the transformation.

This is not just true in personal life - many businesses today equate intense activity to stellar results. While employees are all extremely busy at work - always checking and responding to hundreds of emails, sitting in conference rooms for many hours a day, a lot of heated discussions, strategies and actions - is the outcome necessarily the grandest expression of their real capabilities? Stress, overwhelm, frustration, and interpersonal conflicts often become barriers to progress.

This meetup focuses on how to be in this inspired state that leads to inspired action which in turn leads to successes in personal relationship, health, abundance and spiritual growth. This is also what leads to business cultures where employees are infused with creativity, passion and productivity.

This meetup is for all of us who aspire to be in an inspired state of being and experience happiness now both in personal and professional life.

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