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What we’re about


In, Out & About is a Meet-up group designed for men, young or mature who share same-gender attraction and who would like to socialize.

In, Out & About is open to all gay men whether you are new to the community, a visitor, or a long term resident. It is a comfortable way to meet and socialize without experiencing that intimidating self-consciousness frequently encountered in bars or interacting on internet dating sites. 

We kindly ask that new members respect our requirements when signing up; 

A clear face picture so hosts can recognize you when you turn up at a Meet-up.

To write something about yourself a little more than a sentence! 

Lastly, it almost goes without saying, but we also ask you to behave in a respectful manner with others when on Meet-ups.

We hope that you will be an active member once you join, we suggest you attend at least one meet-up every six months or your profile may be deleted as that suggests to us you are no longer interested. Of course you can always re-join. 

We are open to any men whatever your cultural or ethnic background or history. In, Out & About is not an internet dating site, but rather an opportunity to participate in social activities, create friendships and build a community. It was started in January 2013 by David Donaldson, and it has developed into one of the more progressive gay men's group in the state of New Mexico. Albuquerque is our home base, but we welcome members from all over the state, and we actively encourage members to host events in their home towns. 

In, Out & About offers a wide variety of activities like hiking, pot-lucks, happy hours, get-away weekends and fancy "theme" dinners but we also have walks, discussion groups (on any subject), meditation, visits to music performances, plays and movies. If you can come-up with anything totally different, please feel free to suggest something, this is your Meet-up, it’s only as active as it’s members. Simply contact an organizer with your suggestion, but remember that you must host or find a host.

Thank you.

Questions, please contact me thru meetup, Ted