What we're about

This group is a discussion group and a safe haven for anyone with an open mind wanting to explore spiritual truth. We are not a religious group but rather individuals exploring different aspects of spirituality. We are spiritual beings in human bodies, and our mission is to help each other.

What spiritual teachings have meaning for you if any? What is your truth? Can we find common grounds that are the source of spiritual truth?

Everyone is invited to participate as we share experiences, discuss spiritual modalities and learn from guest speakers or documentaries we can watch together, make friends and maybe find a new and undiscovered path for your life.

As this group is forming, we will find just the right way to create its dynamics together. It will be fun!

Let it unfold! The first get-to-know each other meeting is on July 15th!

I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.

Andreas Uhlig

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Judgment vs. Love

Foundery Coffee Pub

After a break of a couple of weeks, and being cleansed by the winds of Dorian, let's pick up our bi-weekly group discussions again! Humans are creatures of habits, often quick to judge, both situations and people. How does judgment manifest in our lives and our surroundings? What does judgment do to our capacity to love? Where is judgment located? In the head or the heart? How can we reveal judgment in our life and transcend it to love? Looking forward to an interesting dialogue!

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What is "Aloneness"? A Path to "Oneness"?

Foundery Coffee Pub

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