What we're about

Bring your acoustic instrument (vocals/harmonies are considered instruments) and we’ll circle up and jam!
We'll gather in a circle and start with one person who can lead the group in a song of their choice. Others can play/sing along. After that song is over, it moves to the next person to lead in a song. People may enter or leave the circle as they wish, but at all times it is understood that manners matter and no one is to be rude or disruptive. We’ll continue until the last hearty soul peters out or the shop closes! Everyone gets to play.
The person who is "up" has three options:
1. PLAY: Lead a song for the group to jam along with. Please share the key you’re playing in before starting.
2. PICK: Choose a song you'd like to hear or have the group sing.
3. PASS: We’ll continue on to the next person.

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