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What we’re about

Welcome to Include Seattle, the organization with a mission to provide the tools, education and community to help individuals and organizations grow more inclusive environments. Include Seattle focuses on inclusion and diversity, not the other way around. Here you'll find events, workshops and a community that works together from ideation to execution. To grow inclusion, we can't focus on "us against them" mindsets. If you're looking for a place to point fingers and talk about exclusion, this isn't the place for you. In a time where exclusion is highlighted in the news on a daily basis, and where we have begun to feel separated more than ever from our peers, IncludeSeattle takes an opposite stance; we are focused on the positive, and how we can work together (with people like us and not like us) to help each other grow in our communities and feel valued. We're looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

Looking to be a speaker? Want to suggest an event? Want to be a sponsor? Reach out to!