Accessible Authoring Tools / Bring Back Empathy


We're going up north to Groningen! This meetup will be in English.

DevHouse Spindle has offered to host our meetup, and you can look forward to these two talks:

👉Hidde de Vries: Amplifying your Accessibility with Better Authoring Tools

On the modern web, we can design content with the visual interestingness that we’ve always wanted. We can have beautiful pages and lots of variety. But how can we manage our content and maximise accessibility at the same time? In this talk, Hidde will look at how better “authoring tools” can improve accessibility (for content editors and for web users), and share some of the new resources that the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is working on.

👉Maike Klip: Let’s Bring Back Empathy to the Heart of Digital Government

The makers and users of digital government have lost their connection. People no longer talk to people, they talk to computers. How then can we expect digital government to work in an empathic way? We have an empathy debt. What happens if we reconnect makers and users? Will they make different decisions? Maike started the compassionate civil servants’ portrait series to research just that.


19:00 Welcome
20:00 Hidde de Vries
20:45 Break
21:00 Maike Klip
21:45 Social
23:00 Fin

🍜Spindle provides some snacks during the meetup, but make sure you have some dinner beforehand.

🎉We're looking forward to seeing you in Groningen :)