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Looking to develop your technical skills? Want to share your skills with others? Interested in learning things with like-minded people in a relaxed, fun environment? Come join us!

Inclusive Tech Lab Boston (ITL) is committed to creating a safe space for women and non-binary people, people of color, and anyone who has felt left out of "traditional" tech spaces to come and learn tech skills together. We aim to bring everyone into technology, while especially helping to lift up marginalized communities. We seek to normalize non-white, non-cisgender, underprivileged people because we believe that tech should represent everyone. We work together to create a community built on respect and empathy.

We help each other develop technical skills through workshops, networking events, hack nights, and hackathons. All of our events are free -- though at most events, we'll encourage attendees to donate to a featured Boston-area non-profit.

All attendees are expected to abide by ITL's Code of Conduct: https://tinyurl.com/y9v2a2gr

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Qualitative UX Research for Beginners

10 Canal Park

Join us and Zoraida Cabrera-Mieles for a dive into learning about your users and how to build better things for them. Understanding what people need and where they struggle is an essential part of creating usable and enjoyable digital products. Qualitative User Research methods provide a variety of ways for getting to know your audience. But where to begin? When is the right time to use qualitative data? And what do you do with the data after it’s been collected? This class offers techniques for getting started with qualitative research. If you are new to UX or are interested in learning about User Research, this is the class for you! Requirements: Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil. Laptops are not needed. A huge thanks to our awesome host, Kayak! **Please note that photos for social media will be taken at this event. When you arrive, we will provide color-coded stickers that you can wear if you do not wish to have your photo taken.** All attendees are expected to abide by ITL's Code of Conduct: https://tinyurl.com/y9v2a2gr Interested in hearing about updates from Inclusive Tech Lab? Sign up for our Slack group (https://itlboston-slack.herokuapp.com/) and Newsletter(http://eepurl.com/ggt9Sv)!

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Digital Accessibility for Designers


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