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We are passionate about creating a Blockchain eco-system in India and around the world. We hosted the first ever Blockchain India Summit in New Delhi on 6 Dec 2016 featuring Inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. We host regular Blockchain technical workshops around the globe, in London, Zurich, Geneva, Dubai, Singapore, New Delhi, Mumbai.

If you are familiar with ethereum, and are a fan, Join us! We will give you the tools to get the best out of this unique phase in history of technology. We will bring you face to face with the best in blockchain - such as the whizkid inventor of ethereum Vitalik Buterin himself! Vitalik believes in the potential of emerging countries and will be visiting India for the second time in 6 months! So brace yourself! We will be hosting the Blockchain India Week during 13th to 20th May 2017 with a series of events for the Blockchain clan - Ethereum Developer Community Meetups, Conference, Technical Workshops on Ethereum Smart Contracts & Other Blockchain Protocols, Hackathons , CEO & CTO Forums and Informal meetups. Vitalik Buterin Prize for Blockchain Excellence
We are announcing a call for submission of research papers on Blockchain topics. Blockchain folks can pick any topic pertaining to the below and email their submissions in PDF before 25 April.
Topics :
1. Proof of Stake - Various developments and how to take this research forward?
2. Scalability, Privacy and Security of Blockchains - what;s the future?
3. Cryptocurrencies - What Can India do to leapfrog in this blockchain era?
4. Blockchain Use cases & applications for India - illustrated use cases
5. Any topic of your choice in Blockchain

Vitalik will assess the shortlisted papers and award the winning submission "Vitalik Buterin Prize for Blockchain Excellence" and a cash award of Rs1 lakh sponsored by Zero Field Labs Pvt ltd, UK. Vitalik will himself give away the prize in person at the Blockchain India Summit on 18-19 May to be held in Mumbai. Vitalik will also offer feedback to teams participating in the Ethereum India Hackathon on the weekend of 13 -14 May 2017. Watch this video by Vitalik and see if you can answer any questions he poses here:

Read this white paper on Blockchain in India published by IDBRT for context

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Investing in Web3 - Bangalore Mixer

Needs a location

Hello friends

Sign up Http://web3bangaloremixer.eventbrite.com
Hello Bangalore folks

I’m pleased to say hello and invite you to our in person Meetup focused on Investing in Web3 in Bangalore!

Our last Meetup was awesome. Thanks for coming!

We are a fast growing community of Degens!

We are looking for sponsors for our regular weekly Meetups. Please get in touch at [masked] or on our telegram group.

Agenda :

General meet & greet for web3 / DeFi folks.

Open free style discussions on web3 amongst builders.

Community is at the core of web3.
DAOs are revolutionising the way we work.
Dao tooling has become as core component of the workplace of tomorrow, with the advent of web3.
So investors are excited about Dao related services. In this panel on “Investing in Web3”, we will discuss a few platforms that have attracted VC interest, and the journey of how VCs discovered these web3 investments.

Sunday 26 June 4-7 pm IST

Strong her VC

Venue :
Strong Her VC



Volunteering for upcoming DeFi Summit and ETH Bangalore Hackathon in July/August. - Volunteers please come by and chat with me.
Division of activities & responsibilities for volunteers.

Ask Me Anything about HCX project and plans for token sale. (I am looking to build a team for our automated IPO platform in making - HCX). Info here Http://library.Ipoexchange.co.

We are looking for venues for our regular weekly Meetups, so if someone can sponsor a venue, a co-working space etc somewhere in central Bangalore, will gratefully accept.

You can see more details and updates on telegram group here.
feel free to join this group to stay updated. https://t.me/+RpWZKnBY9xwxNjU0

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DeFi Degen Meet & Greet - Bangalore

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