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Indian Startups,a 75,000+ member community, is a startup ecosystem bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and partners throughout India and across the globe to help nurture, nourish and empower new and growing startups.

Indian Startups has a big community with membership running into several 1000s. Indian Startups community members get the opportunity to connect with co-founders, startup team members, mentors, advisers. incubation facilities, co-working spaces, agencies in seed funding, crowd funding, high networth individuals and other essential startup partners.

Indian Startups aims to primarily make entrepreneurship affordable for every deserving entrepreneur regardless of financial status and geographical location. We wish to reach out to even remote cities & towns where not many organizations have ventured to extend startup help. We strive to nurture & nourish a great idea where ever it emanates and help it to see the light of the day.

Indian Startups Network seeks to build partnership with organizations geared to play a vital role in building the entrepreneurial ecosystems in India. Along with its partners, Indian Startups believes that Startups can bring a fundamental growth across the country and provides a platform to sustain the growth.

Indian Startups Volunteers have very simple short term goal. The goal is to answer:

Did my activity / volunteering work help a deserving entrepreneur/startup?

Indian Startups has chapters across the globe. Some of the most active chapters being Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Houston, Texas, Edison, Chicago, and many more coming up.

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Online Co-founder Search on Indian Startups Meetups (Free)

- Are you looking for cofounders for your startup? OR - Do you want to be a cofounder of a startup? OR - Are you looking for a founding team member? OR - Do you want to join as a founding team member? OR - You want to be a part of startup? If you have answered yes for any of the above, we have made it all free for you to find the co-founder / team member, Indian Startups Community actively facilitates cofounder search in its meetups and the community of 75000+ members. Comment in detail your co-founder needs below. You can also view and submit your cofounder needs at our website http://www.indianstartups.com/search?q=f:26wzFf Note: We will be compiling all co-founders needs that have complete information and send out in Indian Startups Email Campaigns. Now there are Physical Cofounder Meets in Metro cities across the globe. Check out the events on our meetup We will also be broadcasting cofounder needs in all our local and global chapters. For those who provide contact info in RSVP we will send you the responses to your co-founder requirements. The date for this event gets pushed to the last day every month to keep the activity floating. However, there is no physical event yet, it is just the comments below. The physical event details when organized in the future will be sent to those who RSVPed with their contact details. So please do RSVP you contact information. Online Co-founder at Other Meetup Chapters: Bangalore Chapter: https://www.meetup.com/indianstartupsbangalore/events/238792561/ Delhi Chapter : https://www.meetup.com/IndianStartupsDelhi/events/244646255/ Kolkata Chapter https://www.meetup.com/IndianStartupsKolkata/events/257821360/ Toronto Chapter: https://www.meetup.com/indianstartupscanada/events/257811938/ RSVP with phone and email is a must

Want to speak to Entrepreneurs / Startups? Sign up as our Speaker

Note: This is an online enrollment only. No online or physical event. This event gets pushed to last day of every month to facilitate the sign up. Sign Up As A Speaker (https://indianstartups.typeform.com/to/lUovdy) Do you like speaking to Entrepreneurs / Startups for an hour or two? OR Do you want to share your startup success story with fellow entrepreneurs? OR Just want to share experiences of your entrepreneurship journey? OR Want to share your knowledge, experience & wisdom with our community folks? OR Just be an Expert panelist answering startup question? OR Be as a Big Brother sharing with junior entrepreneurs? OR You think some one you know can be our guest speaker? Please join us as a speaker. We are all ears for you. (https://indianstartups.typeform.com/to/lUovdy) We would be very glad to schedule a session so our entrepreneurs can listen to you. If you can let us know your availability and areas of expertise, we will be glad to connect with you and organize an event for the benefit of the startup community. Note: This is an ongoing enrollment and please click to join (https://indianstartups.typeform.com/to/lUovdy) asap About Indian Startups Indian Startups,a 75,000+ member community, is a startup ecosystem bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and partners throughout India and across the globe to help nurture, nourish and empower new and growing startups. Please join Indian Startups Metro Chapters Hyderabad Chapter (http://meetup.com/indianstartups) Bangalore Chapter (http://meetup.com/indianstartupsbangalore) Mumbai Chapter (http://meetup.com/indianstartupsUSA) Chennai Chapter (http://www.meetup.com/indianstartupschennai) New Delhi Chapter (http://meetup.com/indianstartupsnewdelhi) Indian Startups - USA (http://meetup.com/indianstartupsamerica) Indian Startups - Canada(http://meetup.com/indianstartupstoronto) Indian Startups - Kolkata(http://meetup.com/indianstartupskolkata) Indian Startups - Pune(http://meetup.com/indianstartupspune) Indian Startups - Kochi(http://meetup.com/indianstartupspune) Indian Startups - Jaipur(http://meetup.com/indianstartupsjaipur) Indian Startups - Ahmedabad(http://meetup.com/indianstartupsahmedabad) Website (http://indianstartups.com/)

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