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Indian Startups, a 75000+ member community, is a startup ecosystem bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and partners throughout USA, India and across the globe to help nurture, nourish and empower new and growing startups.

The focus of Indian Startups USA is to help entrepreneurs & startups in different states of USA.

Indian Startups has chapters across the globe. This Indian Startups USA Meetup group is focused on startups entrepreneurs, startups, investors and partner ecosystem in USA. Indian Startups is a community provides /facilitates incubation, accelerators, co-working space, seed funding, crowd funding, investor connections, co-founders, mentors, advisers.

Indian Startups Network seeks to build partnership with organizations geared to play a vital role in building the entrepreneurial ecosystems in India. Along with its partners, The Network aims to provide entrepreneurs across the country with a platform to interact with successful entrepreneurs and established professionals and receive their guidance towards building a quality organization.

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Most of Indian Startup events are free events.

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Just a few group policies:

RSVPing for events: We understand that life happens and now and then you may miss an event that you signed up for but please do your best to keep your RSVP up to date. Organizers are volunteers who do a lot of work to create great events for us all! Some events require that the host have an accurate idea of how many people are attending, as they may have to reserve a table or other accommodations for a certain # of people.

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Online Co-founder Search on Indian Startups Meetups (Free)

- Are you looking for cofounders for your startup? OR - Do you want to be a cofounder of a startup? OR - Are you looking for a founding team member? OR - Do you want to join as a founding team member? OR - You want to be a part of startup? If you have answered yes for any of the above, we have made it all free for you to find the co-founder / team member, Indian Startups Community actively facilitates cofounder search in its meetups and the community of 75000+ members. Comment in detail your co-founder needs below. You can also view and submit your cofounder needs at our website http://www.indianstartups.com/search?q=f:26wzFf Note: We will be compiling all co-founders needs that have complete information and send out in Indian Startups Email Campaigns. Now there are Physical Cofounder Meets in Metro cities across the globe. Check out the events on our meetup We will also be broadcasting cofounder needs in all our local and global chapters. For those who provide contact info in RSVP we will send you the responses to your co-founder requirements. The date for this event gets pushed to the last day every month to keep the activity floating. However, there is no physical event yet, it is just the comments below. The physical event details when organized in the future will be sent to those who RSVPed with their contact details. So please do RSVP you contact information. Check our Bangalore Chapter co-founder search requirements below https://www.meetup.com/indianstartupsbangalore/events/238792561/ Check Delhi Chapter cofounder search requirements below https://www.meetup.com/IndianStartupsDelhi/events/244646255/ RSVP with phone and email is a must

Connecting Startups and Interns: Online Enrollment for Internship requirements
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Indian Startups, a 30,000+ member community wishes to help startups that are looking for Interns. We are soliciting interest from Startups that are looking for Internship / Trainee requirements. We will share the list of candidates looking for internship programs. For Startups: Startups looking for Interns please fill the below form http://www.indianstartups.com/p/internjobs For Candidate: Candidates interested in taking up internship roles in Startups, please update your information in the link below, we will share the list of Intern requirements available. http://goo.gl/forms/y4gEffKfzTloKZGv2 Suggestions requested from everyone to improve the registration forms and the process to help Startups and the candidates looking for internship programs. If you have any questions, please reach out to Guru at [masked] or call [masked] About IndianStartups: Indian Startups, a 30000+ member community, is a startup ecosystem, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and partners throughout India and across the globe to help nurture, nourish and empower new and growing startups. Visit us at : http://www.IndianStartups.com (http://www.indianstartups.com/) Please join Indian Startups Metro Chapters Hyderabad Chapter (http://meetup.com/indianstartups) Bangalore Chapter (http://meetup.com/indianstartupsbangalore) Mumbai Chapter (http://meetup.com/indianstartupsUSA) Chennai Chapter (http://www.meetup.com/indianstartupschennai) New Delhi Chapter (http://meetup.com/indianstartupsnewdelhi) Indian Startups - USA (http://meetup.com/indianstartupsamerica)

Inviting Investment Interests for 3D Printing, IoT & Tech Startups

US and India based startups in the areas of 3D Printing, IoT and Other Tech domains are inviting interest from Investors for seed / crowd funding. If you are interested in investing or Crowdfunding and would like to directly get connected with the startups, please send an email to [masked] to initiate a discussion.

Join IoT Lab as a Volunteer
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Indian Startups - a 40000+ member community is very active in propagating latest and cutting edge technology trends in the community. Towards this end, Indian Startups partners with various organisations to explore opportunities to collaborate and bring the technologies to the entrepreneurs. There are SIGs and SRGs in the areas of IoT, 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence. IoT / 3D Printing SIG: Special Interest Group (Free and Open Community of IoT Enthusiasts. SRG - Shared Resource Group ( Shared IoT Lab Resources) Indian Startups - IoT/3D printing SIG is expanding its IoT / 3D Printing activities in San Diego and has collaborated with http://IoTLaboratory.org (http://iotlaboratory.org/) to provide the Internet of Things facilities to students, aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. As part of this, an IoT Laboratory is being setup in San Diego. There are only a few seats available for the first batch of Membership in the laboratory. The membership is highly competitive and will be discounted for the first 10 registrations. Regular Membership Fee: $150 / Month Discounted Membership Fee : $100 / Month Registration Fee (SRG): $50 (One time which will be added to first month fee) RSVP with your phone and email and pay $50 registration. If you wish to be considered for the discounted price, please register immediately to be added to the waiting list. The membership is on first come first serve basis. If your membership is not being accepted because of overwhelming response, your registration fee will be returned or considered for the next discounted membership period. Join as IoT Advisor / Speaker / Trainer / Expert (http://bit.ly/2oW4axz) The IoT Lab is expected to be functional in May/June 2017. Potential locations for the lab in San Diego are Mira Mesa / Mira Mar / Sorrento Valley (Near Qualcomm) and Downtown. Terms & Conditions: We reserve the right to accept or reject any membership and extend the laboratory facilities. Volunteers We are inviting a few volunteers who can help run the laboratory. Access for the volunteers is going to be free and can also avail other benefits of Indian Startups Community . Please RSVP with your interest.

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