What we're about

This is a group for Indiana Entrepreneurs interested in growing your business, learning from other entrepreneurs, expanding your network and meeting new people.

The IEA is for Indiana entrepreneurs who:

1. Wish to connect with other entrepreneurs who share in similar life and work experiences

2. Want their businesses to grow and thrive in a competitive marketplace

3. Recognize that they need a solid professional network to succeed and the IEA may offer resources that are beneficial in both the near and long term.

How will the IEA benefit an entrepreneur?

You will meet other entrepreneurs and business owners who are either walking the same path that you are walking or have already walked the path you are walking and are willing to talk about it. Let’s face it, the entrepreneurial lifestyle is hard, and business owners face many challenges that only business owners experience.

For example, you may have asked one of the following questions…

1. Will I have enough cash to make payroll on Friday?

2. How do I move away from working “in” the business and move to working “on” the business?

3. I’ve always run my business based on my gut instinct, which isn’t half bad… after all it’s gotten me this far, but how do I grow my business beyond it being a small company to something that’s more of a scalable enterprise?

Being a part of the IEA, will allow you to meet other business owners and professional advisors who are willing to share their business experiences, and as a result, may help you directly or indirectly grow your company.

What will happen at the Meetups?

We will occasionally meetup, usually once a month, usually during lunch, to visit with other entrepreneurs. We may occasionally ask an entrepreneur, in advance, to share their experience with the group and we may occasionally offer panel discussions where we can cover topics that the group wishes to discuss and learn more about.

Potential topics:

1. We just had a fire at one of our locations and I’m learning that we never had the proper insurance coverage… Now what? How do I make sure this never happens again?

2. I’ve always wondered how to get a bank to lend me money to grow my business, but I don’t even really know who to talk to. How do I get an SBA loan? Are all banks the same?

3. I want to sell my company. How do I go about doing it?

4. Do you have a topic that you would like to discuss? Let us know! We'd love to hear from our members!

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