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Everyone is welcome! People who attend Flute Circle gatherings are players, makers, collectors or enthusiasts of contemporary or traditional North American Indigenous, Native American-style flutes. You are welcome if you are at all interested in this wonderful instrument. Of course, people come to find out the latest happenings in the contemporary Native American style flute community, to discover historical facts about the instrument, to learn how to play better, to ask questions about playing or specific building techniques or find out our favorite flute makers; but some folks come to our gatherings simply to listen and absorb the energy our flute enthusiasm creates. At our meetings we: mingle, share playing techniques or new songs we've learned, talk about personal experiences or events that have happened since the last gathering, share opinions about flute makers and share where to find the best flutes, discuss historical events and happenings related to Native American style Flutes, set aside a time to ask and answer questions or share new things about our individual flute journeys - and then we play play play! Don't have a flute yet, no worries, there are usually extras to try out. There is much information available to attendees that is often difficult for individuals to find on their own. Come join us!

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